5 top tips for visiting Legoland (by Robert, aged 9)

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I am sure most of you have heard of or been to Legoland. I love going there and wanted to share my top tips for when you go again (or for any first-timers).

5  Try and plan out your day before you get to Legoland because it saves a lot of time.

4 Try to go on the Dragon rollercoaster and Laser Raiders late in the day because the queues can go on for more than 45 minutes.

3 Go on the wet rides at the end so that you aren’t wet for any of the other rides afterwards!

2 If you are not sure if to go on a ride or not, watch the ride one to three  times before you go on. That way you will know if a ride might be too scary or too babyish.

1 Unless you have a Q-Bot or there is hardly anyone at the park I recommend to not go on a ride more than twice.

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    • Robert

      Thank you very much. Lego Land is great so if you’re ever nearby, you should definitely visit!

    • Robert

      You should definitely go. My favourite rides are the Dragon roller coaster and the Jolly rocker so definitely go on them.

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