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Last weekend, my family and I stayed overnight at the five star Marriott Park Lane Hotel near Marble Arch and Oxford Street (we stayed using Marriott Miles!), and got to try out breakfast at its new restaurant – Lanes of London.  This is what I thought…

The first impression we were given of Lanes of London was a great one; we were instantly greeted by smiling staff, and there were lots of platters containing delicious looking pastries in front of us. We were given a menu and quickly decided what we wanted to have: waffles with berries for me, smoked salmon and eggs for mum, pancakes with berries and porridge for Rob, smoked kipper with lemon butter for dad, toast, and a basket of pastries to share. Does that sound enough to you?!

We were very impressed by the fact that even though Rob cannot eat dairy, soya or eggs, the helpful staff offered alternatives to what he couldn’t have. Mum had mentioned this in advance, but they couldn’t have been more helpful and that was really impressive. Rob was very happy with his choices, especially the pancakes. He often loses out when we go out to eat.

Mum, dad and I all shared the “Lanes Of London Baker’s Basket,” and we were told that we were allowed to choose any four pastries, muffins, danishes or brioches on display. All of them looked amazing, but we finally decided on a rhubarb danish, apple turnover, pain au chocolat and brioche. They were all scrumptious, especially the apple turnover!

To be honest, all of the food was fantastic. Everything I tried tasted fabulous, including my waffles, which were covered with fresh and brilliant-tasting berries. The toast (made with sour dough bread) was delectable and it was served with perfect butter, and the juice was so nice that I had two glasses!

Overall, you should definitely visit the Lanes of London if you have the chance – it is in an incredibly convenient location (great for a London visit), the food is delicious, the staff are really nice and there is something for everyone. We really had a lovely time and felt thoroughly spoilt. This may sound like I’m writing a kind of advert, but I really don’t mean to. It’s just that we really did have no complaints!

Disclosure: We were offered breakfast at Lanes on a complimentary basis in order to write about it. However, all the thoughts and opinions are, of course, our own.

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19 Responses

  1. ellie

    That breakfast looks and sounds amazing! I’m glad that you enjoyed your breakfast, its sounds like the staff could help you more. x

    • Sarah Ebner

      Staff were great, and food really was delicious. Sadly breakfasts at home since then have been nowhere near as impressive!

  2. Mellissa Williams

    I would be in pancake heaven! So nice when you get a choice of items not just a cooked breakfast, and they also seemed very accommodating to your son. Top marks!

    • J

      It was fantastic and I agree – it is amazing that even though he cannot eat dairy, soya or eggs, there was still lots for him to eat!

  3. Kate Thompson

    A great review – we have three unable to eat dairy, soya, wheat or gluten so it;’s nice to know a) they are not alone and b) some places cater for exclusion diets!

  4. LearnerMother

    I love breakfast – I could go on eating it all day!!! I’m glad that there were plenty of choices despite the allergies – top marks to Lanes of London!

  5. Louisa

    Gosh, breakfast sounds fantastic. I would’ve been spoilt for choice and wanted to eat it all. Yummy!

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