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This summer, my mum and I ate at Sally Lunn’s – a delightful eating house and kitchen museum in one of the oldest houses in Bath. This is what we thought…

The first thing you notice when you see Sally Lunn’s is the stunning tea house. It feels friendly and welcoming, and as if you are being whisked back in time when you step into it. However, I felt slightly less optimistic about the house when we were waiting in the hallway to be seated (an inconvenient place where it was impossible to be seen).

By the time we were seated, my mum and I were extremely hungry and anxious to start eating. The menu had lots of choice, and we chose to have a savoury bun each and share a sweet one. My mum chose Welsh Rarebit and I had roast vegetable. Unfortunately, the service was slow, but our buns more than made up for it. They were warm, light and fluffy, and a half-size portion was just right with the side salad.

My bun was covered with delicious roast vegetables and a mouth-watering pesto mayonnaise. The flavours will stay with me for a long time!

We chose a cinnamon butter bun for dessert, and I loved it. It had an absolutely massive amount of cinnamon butter on it, and I could have eaten it all day.

When we were finished, we walked down to the museum, expecting to find some fascinating history. However, it was basically a cellar with a few posters on the walls, and someone selling Sally Lunn buns. I would have liked to find out a bit more on the history of the bun, but the information there was down there was quite interesting. In the end, we brought back another bun – who wouldn’t?!

Overall, the Sally Lunn had great food, great atmosphere and a great location. With better service and a more interesting museum, it would have been perfect.

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