A Harry Potter Walking Tour in London

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We started the tour at Embankment tube station which is featured in the Harry Potter films when Harry goes to the Ministry of Magic with Mr Weasley


Me and my mum went on a Harry Potter walking tour. On a walking tour, you walk around and look at places connected to a popular film. I was in a group of 15 people and the walk took two hours. I had a fantastic (but tiring) time.

We went to loads of Harry Potter related places, like Diagon Alley and the Ministry of Magic which are all in central London. These were my favourite places, as I had seen them lots of times in the films, so it was really exciting to see them in real life. It felt like I was inside the story!
This was me and June re-enacting a scene when Ron is keeping a look-out

Our tour guide was called George and he was very nice. He knew a lot of information about Harry Potter and the places, buildings and streets that we went to, and he would answer any question that we had. I asked what his favourite Harry Potter book was, and he said that it was the Order of the Phoenix. My favourite book is the Goblet of Fire.

When we were near the Ministry of Magic (which is near Whitehall) George showed us a picture of Ron and Harry in the exact place where we were standing, and I got to help act out the photo! I was Ron, and another girl called June, who is 13, was Harry.
George, our tour guide on the Millennium (wobbly) bridge – which is destroyed in the Harry Potter films

We also went through lots of famous places that are not in the Harry Potter films, like Pudding Lane (where the great fire of London started), the Roman Docks and London Bridge. He told us about London history too.

Me and George at the real Diagon Alley!

Overall, I recommend this tour to anyone who has watched the Harry Potter films and is able to walk for two hours. I felt that it was a bit long, but I still learnt a lot and had a really fun time. It was also fun to see the real Diagon Alley, which is near Bank. It’s actually an opticians now!

The Harry Potter walking tour is run by Brit Movie tours. It costs £12 for adults and £10 for children, although (mum was annoyed by this) when some people turned up on the day, they were only charged £10 per adult (and it would have been £5 for me). This seems a bit unfair, especially as we had been efficient by booking in advance online!


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  1. Gem

    This sounds like a hoot and more interesting that a traditions sightseeing tour. I’m hoping to go on a cycle tour when I visit in September x

  2. Louise Smith

    This sounds fantastic but I too would have been annoyed by the ticket prices – I always buy online in advance because they always seem to be much better prices 🙁 Have you emailed and made a complaint? I think I would be tempted to!

    Glad you had a great time though

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. Trish Burgess

    I didn’t even know there was a real Diagon Alley! What a fascinating tour – London really does have some superb places to visit.

  4. Harry Potter Walking Tour London

    I went on the walking tour that started at the Bank Station. The tour is about two hours, but very entertaining. The guide knew all the Harry Potter filming spots as well as interesting London history. It was really wonderful tour!!

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