An Amazing Time At clueQuest! (by all of us!)

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We were lucky enough to spend a fantastic afternoon at clueQuest, near Liverpool Street, in London, where we became secret agents and managed to save the world! Here is what we thought…

Robert: clueQuest was BRILLIANT. You start by getting locked in a room then you have one hour to get out and save the world. You have to use codes, maps, machines, Lego, computers, cards and lots more. Every single object had something to do with the challenge, from if there was a code on a chair or a memory stick in a cupboard. You are allowed to get about codes from mission control to help you escape the series of rooms, (although the average is 20, we used a lot more than that!) The fastest ever anyone ever escaped was in 47 minutes and that group didn’t have any clues.
My favourite bits were opening the padlocks, finding new objects that really helped and when everything clicked into place.

Jess: As Rob has already said, clueQuest was awesome, if a bit stressful! We were given a walkie-talkie and no clues when we were locked inside the first room, and had to figure out for ourselves what we had to do. It was incredibly difficult, but it was also like nothing I’d ever done before, and I had a great time. It was funny to think that we were being watched all the time by people who were probably laughing at our stupidity, but everyone was incredibly friendly, and we even received some extra minutes at the end. One of the main reasons that I loved it was that it wasn’t scary – there were no loud noises and everything was well lit. It really made you think outside the box and was great for team building – everyone contributed something. My favourite parts were finding the final clues and running around the rooms like a headless chicken. I hated padlocks by the end of it!

Sarah adds: clueQuest is run by four brothers from Hungary who built and designed the game, rooms, props, website and pretty much everything to do with it. We met one of the brothers, the very charming Zoltan, who told us how successful the company has become, with an eclectic group of people coming to try it out. These have included ex Prime Minister Tony Blair (his son celebrated his 30th birthday with clueQuest recently) to tourists or organisations who encourage teambuilding through taking part. It really is great fun, and all you need is to use your brain, common sense and a bit of logic (oh, and have some people on your team who might be able to work things out. I wasn’t overly helpful, but I did laugh a lot).

There are now two rooms at the clueQuest HQ, with Plan52 (the one we did) and the new Operation BlackSheep, which only opened at the beginning of March. There are actually two identical Plan52 units, which means teams can race each other. We felt that it was brilliant, perfect for any age, although some of it is baffling!

We would love to go back and try out the second one. Even though I’m not sure we would make it out…Do make sure you book in advance though as it’s proving very popular. Also, just a little warning that the building which houses clueQuest does not look like anything special from the outside. But that really doesn’t matter once you’re in there.

Disclosure: we were offered four tickets to try out clueQuest in order to write about it for our blog. However, our opinions and comments are entirely our own.

UPDATE: On another note entirely, we wanted to thank you very muchΒ for your votes forΒ Robert, who’s 8 and wants to be an astronaut. He, and the other children shortlisted in a competition to win a trip to Nasa space camp, are all going to Florida (so exciting!). We’re so grateful for your support!

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    • Sarah Ebner

      Thank you so much for voting! It’s much appreciated. And thank you for your comments on the blog too. So nice of you. clueQuest was fantastic. We’re sure you’d like it.

    • Sarah Ebner

      Yes, not for toddlers! I think probably about 8/9 upwards, but it was such good fun. Be great with a group of friends. Thanks for coming by!

  1. Michelle Ordever

    Wow – this looks like so much fun! My teen stopped behind me to watch the video. It’s like real life Crystal Maze lol! Going to find out about it now x

    • Sarah Ebner

      Thank you SO much! And I’m sure you would like it if you like puzzles and challenges…you’d be much better at it than me!

  2. Mellissa Williams

    This looks so much fun! There is something similar for adults in London, I saw it on Tripadvisor a while ago. I bet your kids had a great time.

  3. Orli D

    What a great adventure πŸ™‚ I can’t believe we live so close to Liverpool St. in London and never knew about it! We should really try it for ourselves…
    And good luck in the contest!

    • Sarah Ebner

      Thank you very much regarding Robert – it’s all very stressful and we need votes!! But yes, you should definitely try this out. It’s such fun.

  4. Sylvia F.

    I have never heard of this place before but it looks like a great fun! I always wanted to do something similar, must be so exciting to be an agent for a day!

  5. anna

    I never heard of this place but it sounds like something really fun and different! I think my kids would be too young currently, but in a couple of years will definitely give this a go – I’m always looking for somewhere new to go

  6. Juliette Kelvin

    I looked into this last school holidays – so its lovely to hear that you enjoyed it so much. Sounds like a really fun outing. Definitely a trip for the Kelvin family.. although remember thinking it was quite an expensive outing.

    • Sarah Ebner

      You are right that it isn’t cheap. I guess it’s something for a birthday or special outing perhaps. But it is brilliant!

  7. MummyTravels

    I’d heard of this for adults but never thought of it as something for kids – but having read the post, of course it sounds a lot of fun for them as well.

  8. Kirstie

    What a brilliant idea for an attraction. I always fancied being in the Crystal Maze but my Mum said no!

  9. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    This looks like so much fun and one to do for when Monkey is older… I’m glad this wasn’t scary – as I think being locked in a room is quite nerve-racking. I did a similar thing but with a zombie chasing us! And that’s definitely not for kids. I was shocked though how even under pressure I managed to get some clues! And I’m not very good at puzzles normally!

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