Beanotown: the Dennis the Menace festival (by Robert)

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The Dennis the Menace festival (officially called Beanotown) is on until September the 8th. It celebrates 75 years of the Beano and Dennis and Gnasher, two of the most well known comic characters in the country!

In the festival you can dress up as your favourite characters and get pictures of them, you can shoot evil baddies with your special nerf gun like you are Banana Man (but nearly all of the guns were broken ) and you can experience going inside Dennis’ treehouse with its own unique style of wall paper (your drawing).

You can read Dennis and Gnasher albums going back to the 1960s and, in the shop, you can buy comics, clothes, pranks, videos and games, some which Dennis might have had himself.

There were two toilets, and these were both very funny because Dennis tells jokes while you’re in them. One toilet is normal just with Dennis saying jokes but the other one has been stink bombed by Minnie and Dennis so watch out for that unpleasant surprise.

If you draw a picture about Dennis, Gnasher or any other character, it will be displayed on the wall and if you write down a good enough joke it will be shown in one of the Beano comic books.

I think this is a great day out for all the family and I guarantee that if you go there you will laugh at least once, but probably more.

To see more about the Beano, visit their website 
To find out more about the Beanotown festival, visit their website.
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  1. Trish Burgess

    My son would have loved the stinky toilet when he was younger! He was always a keen on jokes too so I think he would have tried to get his joke displayed on the wall.

    Great review, Robert.

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