Cadbury World (by Robert )

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Cadbury World


Me and my mum, dad and sister were lucky enough to go to Cadbury World. I am going to tell you about this amazing experience by letting you know about the 14 activities/shows and small films which, added together, create the tour of Cadbury World.

Me and my sister with some rather large cocoa beans!

You start by wandering through the Aztec jungle. Then 600 AD comes along and one person sees a new fruit on the trees. The fruit was cocoa beans and soon everyone was trying the new food. At that time few people liked chocolate because it tasted bitter, so one person invented liquid chocolate which was very spicy but nice because they added chili to the recipe.

After that you learn about how chocolate was made nicer when the chili was replaced by cinnamon and sugar. You also see how it was shipped to London and that cocoa beans were often mistaken for sheep droppings.

The next two zones talk about the founder of Cadbury’s, George Cadbury and how his sons then took over the business.
There was also a video about the life of a cocoa bean. There were lots of special effects and the chairs we were on moved (which was awesome). Next there was also a cool ride around the chocolate village. Afterwards, you could taste, make, smell and eat chocolate while listening to music and playing electronic games. Throughout the day you can also see what is happening in the factory without disturbing the workers. I thought this was really fascinating, especially how quickly they can make and pack the chocolates.

The only bad thing about it was that I was only given a a £1 voucher for three proper-sized bars of chocolate. Because I am not allowed milk chocolate we asked if there were any other options and we were told that if we kept the bars, we could swap them at the end for some sweets or plain chocolate. But £1 did not get us very far.

Over all I would give Cadbury World 4 and a half stars. The best bits were the ride and interactive games but the learning was interesting and fun.

(I am Robert and I am Jessica’s brother. I am eight.
My mum thinks I should tell you that we paid for Cadbury World using our Tesco Vouchers, which made it very good value!)
Mum also says: Gretta Schifano, over at mumsdotravel is running a travel linky about great family days out, so you should pop over there for some more great ideas, and maybe add yours too.

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  1. Samantha

    I’m so pleased that you all headed up to the Midlands and had a fab time. And you are so right Bobby, £1 does not get you very far in the sweets department these days xx

    • Robert

      Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed Cadbury World and you should go there too if you have the time.

  2. Sam Weatherley

    What a great post! My children also loved Cadbury World, they want to know if you visited the area at the back of the factory (where the play area is)and whether you got the little pots of warm chocolate with a topping of your choice?

    What a pity that Cadbury didn’t give you some chocolate that you could enjoy, I hope it didn’t spoil your day.

    Tell your Mum that I think her blog is very nice and that I shall definitely be following along to read more of your family adventures xx

    • Robert

      Hello Sam,
      Yes we did go to the play area and got cups of chocolate (well, my sister and mum and dad did). I would say that if you don’t have enough time, you shouldn’t go to the play area, because you can find them in lots of places. I did enjoy the table tennis there though.
      Thank you for your nice comment about our blog!

  3. Gretta Schifano

    I love your post Robert, and thank you for linking to my Family Days Linky. It’s a real shame about the milk chocolate, but I’m glad you enjoyed your day.

    • Robert

      Hello Gretta,
      Thank you for your nice comment. The chocolate didn’t spoil my day as it was really fun anyway!

  4. Christine

    Hi Robert, our school does a trip to Cadbury World in year 4. It’s one of the most eagerly awaited trips in school! My son is about to start year 4, and he’s already talking about it….

    • Robert

      He should be very excited because cadbury world is really fun and interesting. My favourite bit was seeing all the machinery.

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