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The parade at Disneyland Paris
The parade at Disneyland Paris

I went to Disneyland Paris with my scout group and had a great time. The rides and attractions were brilliant but here’s the thing: if you want a happy family experience where you meet Mickey Mouse, go to Florida. If you want exciting rides and to get wet go to EuroDisney. Apart from a building where you could meet the most famous Disney character, and the parade, there weren’t many things to do with the characters at all, but I still loved it. These are the highlights of my day there:

1. Big Thunder Mountain ( 6+)

If you decide to go on this ride, and you definitely should, go to it early on in the day as the queues can be very long. Big Thunder Mountain was the first ride we went on and the queue was two hours long. Later in the day it became six hours.
This ride is a roller coaster, not too scary and not too calm. The ride was around four minutes long which I thought was brilliant as most rides usually last one minute at the most. There were plenty of small drops, tense moments and some of the ride was in complete darkness. One of the things I thought was cool about this ride was that the main thing that caught your eye in this section of the park was a massive mountain. In the ride your train went all around the mountain and right at the top there were a few seconds when you could see the whole park before you plummeted down. It was the best ride of the day and I would give it 5 stars.

2. The Pirates of The Caribbean Ride (5+)

This ride was an extremely fun one. It took you through the world of pirates and how they find treasure. There were moving models and sound effects but there was a downside… At the beginning there were loads of signs saying you will get very wet, yet I got about a drop of water on me and I was sitting at the front. Apart from that it was a great ride and I would give it three and a half stars.

3. Star Tours (4+ but the youngsters may not understand it very well)

Stars Tours was a fantastic simulation that made you feel like you were actually inside a space ship from the Star Wars films. There were bumps and wobbles, the space craft travelled through the air and the special effects were brilliant. All the talking from the Star Wars characters was in French so I didn’t really understand what was going on but the feel of the ride was great and it was the adults’ favourite. 4 stars.

4. Alice’s Labyrinth (all ages)

Alice’s Labyrinth was really fun for both the kids and adults. It was a very tricky maze, yet at some times there was only one route to take. There was the castle of the Queen Of Hearts in the middle of the maze. Me and my partner managed to get out of the labyrinth twice but both times we failed to find the castle, even when accompanied by a leader. The maze had twists and turns as well as things like a mini door. Also there were signs from the Cheshire Cat, some useful and some not. At the end you got to sit down with the the character’s things, like wearing the Mad Hatter’s Hat. 4 Stars.

5. The Haunted House (5+)

The haunted house was half ride, half walking around. It was creepy but not really scary. One of my favourite bits was at the beginning, when on the walls there were four happy paintings, including a woman picking roses, a couple having a picnic and a woman canoeing on a river. But then the paintings were extended and you could see the woman was picking roses on a graveyard, the couple having a picnic were surrounded by zombies and the woman canoeing was about to fall down a water fall. Another thing I liked was that near the end you looked in a mirror and you could see a monster on top of your car. I would have liked more things to have popped out as all the things were just there for you to look at. 3 Stars.

Winnie the Pooh - part of the parade at Disneyland Paris6. The Parade (all ages)

The parade was brilliant and was one of the only things that made me think of the happy side of Disney. It made me feel like I was four years old again. The floats were fantastic and the costumes were brilliant. There were dancers on roller skates and characters walking, as well as them being on the floats. At one point the Evil Queen from Snow White came up to us, looked at our scouting uniform and gave us the scout salute. 5 stars.

Some of the things we didn’t do were:

  • The Snow White and the Seven Dwarves roller coaster which was said to be really good
  • Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom. You need to be 1.4 M to go on this so we couldn’t go on. It had loops, pinwheels and big drops in it so definitely for the older ones.
  • Space Mountain which was closed for repairs but looked and sounded amazing.

There was so much more to do like boat rides, a shooting range and even a visit to Robinson Crusoe’s tree house. It’s a small world, Peter Pan’s flight and loads more. It was a fantastic day and you should definitely go.

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31 Responses

    • Robert

      It was a fun ride but without getting wet it was basically the It’s a Small World ride without the annoying music and with pirate related figures. But it was different, so I liked it.

    • Robert

      There were lots of rides for the little ones but they might be disappointed as Big thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones have tall height restrictions. Some others might have too but if you collect a map at the beginning it says the minimum height next to the rides.

    • Robert

      You definitely should there are rides for all ages. There was a big variety of places to have a snack from sushi too chicken nuggets too pizza and too Ice cream. The meals were reasonably prized but take a few snacks with you as the sweets, chocolate and other sugar things are expensive. A tub of candyfloss cost more than my meal!

    • Robert

      It was a great ride but I would of liked there to be a few more drops and to get a bit wet. I remember walking in the queue you could smell the stink of chlorine but when we were actually in our boats the smell went away.

  1. Trish

    This brings back memories. We took our son twice, when he was 3 & 4 and he loved it even though we spent most of our time going on ‘It’s a small world’. Good to read about how it has changed.

  2. Mums do travel

    Wow, what a fantastic Scout trip! Do you still learn how to light fires too? It sound like you had a great time and I love that the Evil Queen came and saluted you all.

    • Robert

      It was really cool when she did that as through most of the parade the characters were ignoring me. They would shake the person on my left’s hand then skip to the person on my right. It was a great day. And at cubs we don’t do lighting fires that much but you do In Scouts. We do more of making things out of sticks and bamboo as well as earning lots of badges.

  3. Laura @ KneadWhine

    Sounds like you had a great time. We had a very different experience as we went with a three year old but it was great. I wonder if we’ll be heading for some of these rides next time we go. I really liked the maze too!

  4. Christine

    Oh wow, my kids are in the cubs/scouts but they just get to camp in a field a few miles away when they go away! We’ve never been to Eurodisney but it sounds like a fun place to visit.

    • Sarah Ebner

      I know. Cubs has changed since my day! Robert has done some brilliant things, but this topped them all. It was mainly because his pack were celebrating their 100th birthday I think – it’s not a regular thing. Lucky him!

  5. Charlotte Braithwaite

    I’ve loved going to Disney through my younger life, been 4 times, twice when younger with my mum and god mother, once with school and once with theatre school. I loved EVERY single visit. I hope to start taking Hayden soon. Every time he sees the advert he goes bonkers LOL.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Globalmouse

    This is great, thank you – we are planning a trip for a few month’s time so this is so useful – especially to manage their expectations about meeting all the characters as you do in Florida.

  7. Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    I really want to take my children to Disney Land, preferably the Florida one but the Paris one will do! I cannot believe one ride had a six hour cue, that is just stupidly ridiculous and I would NOT go on the strength of that! Glad you had a great time

  8. kara

    We had a fabulous time at Disneyland Paris and met most of the characters – we found the Studios were the best places to meet and greet

  9. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    What a great review of all the rides. Wow, a 6 hour wait for Thunder Mountain. That’s so ridiculous, I don’t think we could have done that. It sounds like a brilliant day out, even though it was wet. I haven’t been to Paris Euro Disney, but my parents took me to Floria many many moons ago, and I still remember it to this day!

  10. Shannon

    i Really liked your post and I was wondering how old do you think you should be before going to Disneyland?

    • Sarah Ebner

      We think any age from toddler upwards would enjoy it, but if you want to be able to walk around and take it all in, and keep the memories, maybe 6 upwards. Thank you!

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