Rides and more Dreamland: Margate (by Robert)

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Robert and Jess with candyfloss at Dreamland, Margate
We couldn’t go to Dreamland and not buy any candy floss!

Robert, who’s 10, writes about our trip to Dreamland, a vintage theme park in Margate, Kent. We went in December 2015 (you can watch our video below) and we all really enjoyed it.

“Dreamland was fantastic, I loved going through this 1950 retro theme park with fake snow drifting over my head and I had a great time on all the superb rides in the Frosted Fairground. There were amusements, things to eat, an arcade and even a roller-skate rink making it a unique, fun experience with so much to do.

The park was split into two sections, all the arcade games and pinball machines were inside, while all the rides were outside.

The carousel at Dreamland, MargateWe started off in the frosted fairground and the first thing we went on was a proper carousel called The Gallopers. This was great fun as it went quite fast although I thought it got a bit boring at the end.

We also tried out Montopia where you were seated in a spaceship high above the ground and had to pedal your way through the course. I loved this although it might be a bit tiring for smaller kids.

Then we went on a big colourful slide named Born Slippy, but unfortunately when Jess and I tried it we kept stopping during our trip down as we were so big. Anyway, it was still fun.

The attraction Mum and Dad really liked was the Dodgems, they were easy to control, went really fast and it was such fun to bump into other people. Mum and Dad said they were the best dodgems they’d ever been on.

Entrance to Dreamland, MargateOne of our favourite rides was the wooden rollercoaster called Scenic Railway which is actually the oldest rollercoaster in the UK. This was great as it had some large drops and was very exciting but there was a long queue for it, so be warned.

There were plenty of quick classics like the Helter Skelter, Mirror Maze and Ghost Train plus some small calm rides for the youngsters for example The Teacups or the two floor merry go round Double Decker. I especially loved all the quick rides where you spin around and go backwards like The Kiss Me Quick ride (a “ride of love”) and the fast paced Cyclone Twist.

Jess riding on the Hurricane jets at Dreamland, Margate,
Jess riding on the Hurricane jets!

On the Hurricane Jets you were in charge of your rocket and could move it up and down, this was so cool as you could go so high then drop down to the bottom. I had never been on something like this before.

You could also go on the Big Wheel, a relaxing ride that gives you a great view of the whole park, or the smaller rollercoaster that we didn’t go on called the Counter Culture Caterpillar Coaster.

The view from the big wheel at Dreamland, Margate
The view from the big wheel

Finally I must let you know about the Jumping Tower which I went on five times! At this attraction you go up then drop down a number of times which I have always loved the feeling of.

There are a few that I haven’t mentioned which we didn’t have time for but I’m sure they’re amazing just like all the ones we did go on.

The tower ride at Dreamland Margate
This was Robert’s favourite ride!

Inside was just as good as it had loads of cheap arcade games to play (mostly using 2p or 10p pieces), more places to eat, the roller rink and other extras as well. There’s not much to say about the arcade apart from there are lots of games and they’re really good. My personal favourite was one where you had to hit monsters with balls and win tickets. On many games you collect tickets at the end depending on how well you’ve done then swap them for a prize. I came away with a Minion Pencil case for 300 tickets. Yay.

Overall it was fantastic; I went on brilliant rides, played fantastic games and stuffed my face with delicious blue candyfloss! We also had pancakes and toasties for lunch.”

Dreamland is considered to be the oldest-surviving amusement park in Great Britain, dating back to the 1860s. It closed in 2003, but opened again after a full refurbishment last June. The whole family thought it was great for a trip, although it is now closed for the winter. However, it’s open for various events (including a Valentine’s Disco) and on 19th-20th March and 25th March to 11th April. From then onwards, it’s open  weekends and bank holidays until the end of May. After that it’s open every day for the summer.

Find out about the upcoming events here.

It costs: £14.95 for adults and £12.95 for children (this includes the rides), although it was slightly different when we went at Christmas, when it was free entry, but you paid per ride (between £1 and £5 depending what it was).

Read about what else we got up to in Margate here, and also read about our trip to beautiful Broadstairs in Kent too.

Disclosure: We were given free entry and free rides in order to write about our experience for this blog. However, all our thoughts are our own.

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22 Responses

  1. Linda Hobden

    Used to visit Dreamland at Margate when I was a teenager with my friends – it was our first “excursion ” away from our families – back in 1982/83! Glad to see it is still going strong!

  2. Kizzy

    Will be penciling a trip in to here during the summer holidays, it looks amazing. I’d heard ot had been reopened and have wanted to go and after reading this I am definitely going now.

  3. Ness

    It’s good to see Dreamland back up and running. I know many people have said Margate has looked rather run down in recent years so hopefully its fortunes will be turned around.

  4. Sonia

    It looks like a lot of fun, I’ve never been to Margate – might have to add it to our places to visit list x

  5. Christine

    Back in my teenage days I’d have loved this, the rollercoaster sounds like my kind of ride. My kids would enjoy the arcade – we only visit them a couple of times a year on holidays but they always gravitate to the 2p machines and end up spending all their holiday money.

    • Sarah Ebner

      Yes, I love those old fashioned arcades. At least when you’re only spending 2ps and 10ps, it doesn’t add up as quickly and you can try lots of different machines!

  6. Lucy Dorrington

    I loved your review and it’s made me totally want to go now! I wouldn’t have stopped on the slide, I would have probably got totally wedged, so I think I’d better give that a miss if we do go!

  7. Jen

    I love that it is back up and running. It is a great way to bring back the good old british seaside

  8. Karen Langridge

    Wow the big wheel looked high! Looks like you had so much fun, I love the vintage feel of the place, will have to add to my ever growing attractions to visit list 🙂 x

  9. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    Full marks to the kids on a great video, the voice overs worked so well and they clearly enjoyed their visit. I must say it looks so different to the Cornish seaside I think my kids would love it here too, it sounds like there is plenty to do in Margate with the fun of Dreamland just one feature. I was surprised to hear how long it had been shut for I hope it is supported well this season, it looks like a great feature for the town. Thank you for stopping by and linking up your lovely break at #CountryKids

  10. Katja - globetotting

    How fun! I had never heard of Dreamland but I love the fact that this is the oldest-surviving amusement park in Great Britain! I’m not so sure I would have gone on the Jumping Tower 5 times (or even once for that matter) but I’m glad Robert had such a good time 🙂

  11. Danielle (BubsontheMove)

    Oh my son would love this! He keeps a catalogue in his head of every theme park in the Southern Hemisphere. I’ll have to get him looking at these posts to extend his geographical area of interest!

  12. Julie Downes

    Sounds like a great day out. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Margate but I do love old-fashioned sea-side amusements. #countrykids

  13. Lillie

    Oy! That view from the Big Wheel is decidedly terrifying! But when my son gets a little older, methinks we will need to visit this place. Thanks for the tip!

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