The Dr Who Experience in Cardiff (by Finn)

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With a Dalek at the Dr Who Exhibition in Cardiff
Finn and his older brother with a new friend…

This week we have a great guest post from Finn, who is 10, and went with his family to the Dr Who Experience. We are rather jealous that we haven’t been there yet…

Over to Finn:

Last week me, my family and my cousins all went on a trip to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

On the way there we spotted lots of brown signs with pictures of Daleks leading to the blue and grey building. In the queue we spotted an Ice Man’s costume, lots of different variants of Daleks and Time Lord costumes! At the end of the queue we were given VIP crystals in exchange for our tickets. We would need these later in the experience.

After we were given our VIP crystals we entered the Gallifrey museum where a Gallifreyan tour guide showed us around.,

We saw a box containing lots of cogs which included a time locket that changes Time Lords into humans and we also saw the staff used by a very powerful Time Lord.

After that our tour guide introduced us to a “time screen” which showed us the many faces of The Doctor and the end of the planet Gallifrey! Then it showed the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, in his TARDIS being attacked by Time spiders and then the Time screen cracked open to reveal the lower floor of the TARDIS. We were all brought into an amazing adventure including Daleks, Weeping Angels and ultimately the Time Spiders. We even got to control the Tardis!

As we reached the end of the experience we came to the Exhibition Hall. All the Doctor’s TARDISES and a few costumes were downstairs, but upstairs contained costumes and items used in the actual show like Sonic Screwdrivers and all the different Doctors’ clothes. It contains the world’s biggest collection of original Dr Who props and it was my favourite bit.

In front of a weeping angel
In front of a weeping angel

There were costumes that most of the companions wore including Clara’s, Amy’s, Rory’s and Rose’s. My mum’s favourite costume was Clara’s Victorian dress. There were different monsters like Cybermen through the ages and a Dalek that you can get inside.

I thought the exhibition was quite like the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D exhibition in New York except that it was bigger and had a lot more costumes and scenes.

It is also similar to the Harry Potter studios tour at Leavesden, but is smaller and  a fraction of the price. It was about £40 for a family of four and I think that overall it was good value.
I give the Dr Who Experience 7/10 and would recommend it for all ages.

Finn and his family took part in the Interactive Experience and visited the Exhibition Hall which are both part of General Admission tickets to the Dr Who Experience.  Special tickets, available at certain times of the year, can also include a walking tour of Dr Who locations around Cardiff and the TARDIS tour.


Tickets cost £14 for adults (£16 on the door) and £9.75 for children aged between 5 and 16 (£11.75 on the door). A family ticket is £41 (£49 on the door – so book in advance!)



8 Responses

  1. Mellissa Williams

    My son has been and he LOVES this place! He has been twice in the last 3 months. We are big Dr Who fans in this house so I will be going with him when I’m in Cardiff next.

  2. Ness @ JibberJabberUK

    We went last year before the Matt Smith part of the experience closed. My kids loved it and are insisting we return this year! I like the sound of the new Peter Capaldi feature but I had hoped they changed the props section a bit more.

  3. Anda

    Your country seems to have so many interesting museums and great places to visit. I am sort of jealous. Very nicely written post. Cudos to Finn!

  4. Christine

    My son and other half went when we visited Cardiff recently – they both loved it! I’m not much of a fan so spent the morning elsewhere with my daughter as she gets too creeped out by the Weeping Angels!

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