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View of London and the Thames from the London Eye,
London! As seen from the London Eye (another London trip we would recommend!)

We love London – and not only because we live here. We just think there is so much to do in this great city – for people of all ages and with all interests. Today Robert, who’s 11, shares his recommendations for different kinds of families who visit London.

1.Thrill Seekers 

Robert on a rib boat on the Thames,
Robert on a rib boat on the Thames,

If you’re in London and love speed and excitement, then I would recommend going on the Canary Wharf Experience. This is a tour down the Thames on one of London’s fastest speedboats. In the 50 minute ride you speed up and down the river whilst listening to commentary from the driver (he was very funny). I found it really exhilarating and at some parts the boat was on its side! I found the actual tour very entertaining as well as interesting and I loved going so fast.

Under Tower Bridge, London
You see London in a different way on this tour! This is under Tower Bridge

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2. Foodies 

Robert drinks bubble tea in Camden, London,
Robert drinks bubble tea in Camden, London,

If your family are all foodies and love trying weird and exciting foods then Camden Market is the place for you. The busy streets are packed with shops, many selling edible goods, while buying drinks is no problem as there are countless stalls where you can buy freshly made orange juice or lemonade, slushies or delicious bubbleteas. There are many ice-cream shops as well, and at one the ice-cream is moulded into a flower and at another it is made before your eyes. There are shops selling meat, wraps and even cereal, of course I always go to the one that sells Nutella doughnuts! There are so many wacky flavours and cuisines to try so if you love stuffing your face I would recommend stuffing your face at Camden.

A doughnut stall in Camden!
A doughnut stall in Camden!

3. Culture vultures 

The British Museum,
There is so much to see at the British Museum

If you’re a person who goes on holiday and spends most of their days in museums then you’re in luck, London has loads. Although it is the most famous, I would recommend going to the British Museum as there is loads to learn and you can go back again and again. The museum is split up into different sections, each about a different era; my favourite has got to be the Egyptian part as I love looking at the mummies. It is a great place for kids and adults because I love going and so do mum and dad.

4. Young families 

At Shrek's adventure,
At Shrek’s Adventure,

In my opinion, the perfect place to take young kids in London is to Shrek’s Adventure in which you physically travel through a story. Although the queue is quite big it is worth it as the experience includes a 4D ride, mirror maze and loads of funny and cool characters. What is so great about Shrek’s adventure is that you get involved a lot and the whole thing is very interactive. I really enjoyed it when I went and I’m sure younger kids would like it even more.

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Overall I love London and would recommend it for all ages.

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24 Responses

  1. Naomi

    I love london- I just wrote a london guide on my blog, we used to live there. We live back home now (Sheffield) but visited twice last year and are coming back for 10 nights in may 🙂 I can’t wait.

  2. Emma

    What a great and useful post. Thank you Robert for your insight. I think my sons, aged 10 and 13 might like a lot of the things you suggest, especially the rib boat down the Thames!

  3. Natalia

    those pictures look amazing! I think London is a fantastic place for everyone, there is always something to do 🙂 x

  4. Nisbah Hussain

    Love these ideas Sarah and London really is fantastic for everyone! I loved the Shrek Adventure, it was our cubs favourite thing when we went to London!

  5. Brianna

    London really is one of the world’s greatest cities. There’s so much to do the hardest thing can be choosing what to do.

  6. Penny Sadler

    Well, I don’t have children but looks like the 11 year old and I would get on just fine! I especially like his speed boat suggestion! yahoo!

  7. Kate Williams

    I haven’t been to London in ages but my son is desperate to visit again, I still haven’t done the Natural History Museum with my kids yet – bad mummy!!

    • Sarah Ebner

      There’s so much to do here. My daughter went to the Natural History Museum recently – we hadn’t been for ages, and she really enjoyed. I think it’s great for all ages, so it’s worth a trip!

  8. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    Great tips! I love London’s food and culture scene. The British Museum is such a gem and just not to be missed on a London visit. I loved the underwater cities exhibit they had on display recently. 🙂

  9. Lauren West

    Wow, those donuts have got to be some of the yummiest I’ve seen for a while! I don’t like to go to many museums while traveling usually but the British Museum is definitely one that I’d love to visit. There’s so much to see and do in London!

  10. Hugo Cura

    Also live in London and share the love for the city. While there’s no shortage of things to do here, some of my favorite places include the British Museum (the Egyptian part), Science Museum, all of the parks, and walking along the river.

    The rib boat thingy is pretty cool. Did that last year!

  11. Drew

    Ahhh, my former home. Such an amazing city with almost an endless number of options of things to do and see. I’m a big fan of Camden Market too, especially since they opened a KERB market there during the week. The Egyptian exhibit in the British Museum is my favorite part as well!

  12. Rosemary

    Love this fun side of London with kids. Nice to have the recommendations of your 11year old son! Camden market is one of my favorite places to visit 🙂 You look like you all had a great time.

  13. Lydia@LifeUntraveled

    Very cute that your son participated in writing this blog post! I don’t have any kids but I think these activities can be enjoyed by everybody especially Camden Market which I missed on my layover in London. 🙁

  14. Christopher

    What a great post and such a great city. Next time I come back I want to try this speed boat that goes up and down the Thames and donuts in Camden market. Awesome.

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