Folly Farm: a great day out in Wales

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The ghost train at Folly Farm, PembrokeshireRobert, who’s 12, writes:

We went to Folly Farm on our last day in Pembrokeshire, and believe me – it didn’t disappoint. I would describe Folly Farm as a zoo, farm and a funfair mixed into one which happens to be a very good combination. 

First we explored an area filled with glass boxes and these were filled with all sorts of awesome creatures. There were tarantulas, bats, (incredibly cute) tortoises and mum’s personal favourite: the two-toed sloths. I really enjoyed looking at all the animals, especially the parrots that flew about, it was really cool.  

Robert by a giraffe at Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire,Outside that area I loved seeing the penguins, lions, zebras and rhinos and was fascinated by the towering giraffes. There was also an enclosure filled with colourful birds. I had lots of fun, looking around and trying to spot particular birds from the posters. 

Although seeing all the animals listed above, and lots more, that wasn’t what attracted me to come to Folly Farm. It was the vintage fairground. This indoor fairground was stuffed with machines where you put in a coin and could either win or lose money, although it was usually the latter. The machines were so much fun and made you feel great when you won.

Trying out the stalls at Folly Farm, Pembrokshire There were also other old-fashioned  machines that tested your strength or told you what type of lover you are!? On top of that, there were also the (overpriced) stalls in which you had to complete a seemingly easy task in order to win a prize. Although it was fun and we all had a laugh, it does cost money as you will keep trying to win!

Enjoying a ride at Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire,
Enjoying a ride

In terms of rides there was a good variety. There were classics like the carousel, waltzer or dodgems as well as a classically non-spooky ghost train and a classically awesome chair-o-plane where you sit in a chair and swing about. The caterpillar was my favourite as it was the fastest and I personally found it the most exciting. There were a load of other rides as well but we didn’t have enough time to go on them and they were mainly for little kids. 

At Folly farm in Pembrokeshire

I ended the day by going racing. I got into my car and sped round the track personally enjoying it more than all the rides at the fairground, apart from the chair-o-plane and caterpillar. Overall I had a really fun day and would definitely recommend going to families with young kids.

Becoming a driver at Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire
Robert loved the driving!

If you do have younger children, there is also a petting farm, and soft play too. It is a great place to spend time, rain or shine, as there are both indoor and outdoor activities.

Disclosure: We went to Pembrokeshire and stayed with Coastal Cottages on a complimentary basis, in Little Haven (you can read about that here). Our visit to Folly Farm was arranged for us as part of Coastal Cottage’s concierge service. You can find out more about that here. Neither Folly Farm, nor Coastal Cottages had any hand in this blog post.

Folly Farm costs £13.95 per adult and £11.95 for children aged 3-15. An annual pass for an adult is £45 and £40 for a child.

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  1. Erica Price

    Oh we meant to go there on our last trip to South Wales. Sadly we just ran out of time, but we’ll have to go back because it looks a lot of fun.

  2. Jody Robbins

    This looks like such a fun place. I’ve only spent a day in Wales (to go to a Madonna concert), but would like to return one day.

  3. Michelle Twin Mum

    We’ve not visited Wales with the kids before and I’d like to. This looks like a fun day out for kids of any age and the prices are reasonable too. Mich x

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