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We went to Kent at the weekend and visited Groombridge Place. It was fun, exciting and interesting. The main activities were in the Enchanted Forest and, the ones I liked best were when we:

* Found out that there is such thing as a zedonk, (half zebra and half donkey.) The one we saw was called Adam.

Walked across a half mile boardwalk that included zip wires, tyres to climb through, tunnels, wobbly bridges and lots more.

Jess and me on the boardwalk

* Saw a giant spider web and two giant oak doors that led you to a standing stone from the other side of the world.

* Walked around the mystic pool

* Swung on giant swings that swung us so high into the air we could see nearly all of Groombridge Place. This was my joint favourite bit.

Altogether in the Enchanted Forest there were 23 activities including a labyrinth, the double spiral, the serpent’s layer, Dinosaur Valley, Groms village, Indian tepees and more. There was so much to do, even though the weather was only okay (it rained a bit, but it wasn’t too bad).

Outside the Enchanted forest there were gardens (including a secret garden), inflatables, including a bouncy castle and a gladiator arena which I really liked. There was also an Easter egg hunt, (which is only there for the next few weeks.) And lastly my joint favourite bit, the fete games.

There was knock down the cans, (I got 16 cans down out of 18.) There was also throwing balls into a bucket, which you may think is easy but is not because the balls keep bouncing out. The last fete game was “whack a rat”. A member of staff put a (toy) rat down a tunnel and you had to try and hit it with a bat. The only problem was that you did not know when the member of staff was going to drop the rat. It was so hard!

Groombridge Place had lots of wildlife, facts and activities. All the family liked it and over all it was a great day out.

Peak Prices (school and bank holidays) at Groombridge (which is located near Tunbridge Wells) are: Adults £9.95, Senior Citizens £8.45, Children (3-12 years) £8.45. A family Tickets (2 Adults and 2 Children) is £33.95.

For more on great things to do in Kent, take a look at the Visit Kent website.

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    • J

      Not at all!

      Although most of the kids were young, there was something for everyone – I really enjoyed the animals, the massive chess set and the beautiful gardens.

      The best bits were the giant swings though; they brought out the child in everyone!

      Jess x

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