Fulfilling a dream by skydiving (by Robert)

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Robert trying indoor skydiving
Robert enjoying the dive!

Everyone has a few things that they really want to do. I’ve got three, Scuba-Diving, Skiing (I’ve done that now at the Snow Dome) and the one I most want to do – Sky Diving. Unfortunately you have to be a bit older than ten to do that extreme activity, so after looking and looking we found the next best thing: indoor skydiving.

A giant fan, an enormous tunnel and a skilled instructor is all it takes to “learn to fly”. After meeting Cameron, our instructor, we learnt all about exactly what we were going to do. As you can’t hear anything when indoor skydiving, the coach uses hand signs to tell us what we are doing wrong, so remember to follow them carefully. Then we put on our big red and blue suits, colourful goggles, a helmet and ear plugs. Do not forget to put the ear plugs on like I did, as the noise from the fan is so loud.

Jess and Brian getting ready beforehand
Jess and Brian getting ready beforehand

Then we walked upstairs just in time to watch the last people from the group before us. We sat down on a bench and one by one were taken into the see-through wind tunnel. You can get two one minute turns or the more expensive, but longer, two, two minute turns. When jumping head first for your first go the air pressure may be a bit overwhelming and you may find it a little hard to breathe, but stick with it. The instructor – who is inside with you the whole time – puts you in the correct position before spinning you and throwing you around. In the first go you only go about three metres high unless you become a high flyer which costs £5. This means you go right up all the way to the top of the 13 metre tunnel at a whopping 165 mph.

Jess tries a skydive
Jess tries a skydive

On the second way round you are more accustomed to the air rushing all around you, so everyone gets to go up high. Your instructor starts off by spinning you around really fast before zooming to the top with you. When you’re there, you feel so high up and it was breathtaking before you plummeted down. Do not worry if you are about to crash into the floor or walls as it doesn’t hurt one bit and the instructor will help you.

You cannot take any loose belongings in the tunnel so that means no pictures or videos unless someone who isn’t flying takes pictures in the viewing area.

Our coach, Cameron, was extremely nice and told lots of jokes. Sometimes when you were skydiving he would spin you around like you were doing a somersault in mid air. He also performed an amazing sky diving routine when we had all finished.


I loved every bit and I wished it could’ve gone on for longer. Now I need to find some new things I really want to do!

Robert, Jess and Brian tried out Airkix Indoor Skydiving at Milton Keynes, where Robert was offered a discounted media rate. The experience is suitable for all ages, and can also be given as a gift, via vouchers. Airkix have three tunnels, in Milton Keynes, Manchester and Basingstoke. The Kix-Start experience is the basic introductory one (done by Brian and Jess, although Robert flew for longer!) and includes two flights, from £29.99 per person. Children can also try out a Superhero Kix-Start – and be kitted out with a Superman, Batman or Supergirl flying suit. From £49.99.

Read about our trip to the Snowdome – where the kids tried skiing and sledging.


25 Responses

  1. sharon martin

    Oh I wish I lived closer, my son turns 18 in January and we’ve been talking about him going skydiving for his birthday. This looks like great fun.

  2. Mums do travel

    I tried indoor skydiving when I went to the Costa Brava a couple of years ago, and I loved it too! Your instructor sounds great – I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Didn’t your Mum want to have a go?!

  3. Cathy (MummyTravels)

    Oh this looks so much fun – I wonder if anyone’s still looking for Christmas presents for me… I have done skydiving before and absolutely loved it, but not since before my daughter was born, and not an indoor one.

  4. Christine

    Glad you all had fun Robert. We went there a few years ago, without the kids, but I know they’re at the perfect age to enjoy it now too.

  5. Diana

    Love the idea! Didn’t know about indoors skydiving until i read your post. I really want to do it one day but the real outdoor skydiving!

    • Robert

      Me too, that’s my dream but the indoor skydiving was fantastic plus it lasts longer than the proper version.

  6. Vanessa

    Yikes – you guys are crazy! I think even indoor skydiving is too wild for me. But I totally can see why kids would absolutely love it and it would be a less stressful alternative to the real thing.

    • Robert

      It was wild – especially when the instructor took us to the top very quickly. At one point he spun me around like I was doing a cartwheel in mid air.

  7. Mellissa Williams

    My son and husband tried out indoor skydiving in Orlando last year. They loved it. I am not sure if I could be so brave though. It’s great to see you can do this in UK now.

    • Robert

      It was brilliant, and unlike anything I’d ever done before. However, my dad thought it was quite scary, and even though he loved it too, says he would never do it again.

  8. Charli

    Wow Robert, this is a great post! As a keen scuba diver I must tell you that getting certified when you’re old enough is a must, it has opened up so many wonderful experiences as I’ve travelled, not least diving with sharks in Australia! Despite my love of the underwater world I have no desire to free-fall to earth so I think this would be a great way for me to experience the thrill of sky diving without the fear factor!

  9. Megan

    This is awesome! I think part of me would rather do this than actually jump out of a plane. Congrats on being creative on accomplishing your goals.

  10. Kate

    I would be terrified skydiving. Its not for me at all but this looks like a great way to take the fear of heights out of it. I’d say no to jumping out of an airplane but probably would try this indoor simulator. It sounds like you had loads of fun and it would be perfect for people of all ages

  11. Joe Ankenbauer

    I love skydiving! I have many jumps, but only recently tried indoor skydiving. It was a lot of fun! You guys have to try out the real thing now 😉

  12. the-worldwide

    Wow i have seen this indoor skydiving for the first time. I thought he may be hanging with rope, but i checked twice, there were no rope there. You had a great experience.

  13. Alli

    This looks like so much fun to do with the kids! The kids still have to be quite the adventurous type to partake in such an adrenaline activity 🙂

  14. Kirsten

    We have something very similar in the states called iFly. It seems much safer than the real thing, so I would definitely want to try it. I’m sure my kids would love it too, so maybe over the holidays. Looks like it was tons of fun!

  15. Francesca (@WorkMomTravels)

    Indoor skydiving seems to be a popular activity these days! Looks like a lot of fun, too. I’ve done actual skydiving and it was a blast, but that was 20 years ago. Not sure I’d have the stomach for it now, so I might go the indoor route 🙂

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