Thrills at La Ronde theme park in Montreal (by Robert)

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Robert, who’s 12, writes:

When we were on holiday in Montreal, I went to a Six Flags theme park called La Ronde. This was so I could go on all of the awesome rides and roller coasters, whilst dad came along to keep me company and sit on a bench near the awesome rides and roller coasters! For me it was one of the best days of our trip to Canada, here my three favourite rides and what I thought about them.

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The Demon ride at Le Ronde
The Demon ride at Le Ronde
(Six Flags Entertainment Corporation)

Demon is the best ride I’ve been on all year and my favourite at La Ronde by far. When strapped in, you are lifted up before being spun in loads of different directions. You go upside down, spin round and round, and go fast. It was very unpredictable, which made it exciting. At many parts, you travel towards jets of water, which make it look like you’re going to get splashed. At the very last second you flip away, so you stay dry. The best place to sit is on the far left, because you go super close to the water. This made the ride really fun.


The Vampire ride (Six Flags Entertainment Corporation)
The Vampire ride
(Six Flags Entertainment Corporation)

Vampire was my favourite roller coaster and my second favourite ride at La Ronde. This was a really smooth roller coaster and there were lots of turns and drops. It also went really fast, at 50 miles per hour, and I really enjoyed it. It was lots of fun, and when I think back of my time at the park, it really jumps out at me.

Super Manège

The Super Manege ride at Le Ronde, Montreal
The Super Manege ride
(Six Flags Entertainment Corporation)

Super Manège was really fun because it was fast and there was a loop de loop. It was probably one of the lengthiest roller coasters at La Ronde, which was good as you had more time to enjoy it. It was not very scary and there weren’t very many drops, so I recommend it for children and people who don’t go on a lot of roller coasters.

There were loads of rides and roller coasters at La Ronde. Another two I recommend are the Gravitor, where you go up and around, and Bateau Pirate, which is a pirate ship on a pendulum. I also recommend Monster, which was unfortunately closed when we went but is supposed to be really good. I only went on some of the rides at La Ronde as there were so many to choose from. The only downside was the roller coaster Ednör, where my head kept smashing against the metal of my seat. However, the majority of the rides were good.

In conclusion, I liked La Ronde as there were so many rides to pick from. There was a range of rides catering from thrill-seekers to children, and the location was really nice. It is very central, so when you go high you can see lots of important places in Montreal and you have a good view of the water and the rest of the park. Overall, I recommend the park for anyone below 100! I had a really good time.

You can save tickets if you buy your tickets to La Ronde in advance (and don’t need to queue!). They range from 30 to 60 Canadian dollars depending on when you want to go! That’s around £20 to £40 for a day pass.

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  1. Louise Edwards

    This looks like a brilliant place to visit – my boys love thrill rides. We have Canada on our list of places to visit so will add this for when we visit Montreal! Great photos xx

  2. Francesca

    You are braver than I, Robert! Even when I was your age, such roller coasters weren’t for me. Glad you had such a great time!

  3. Katja

    Robert you are so brave!! My kids have just started to discover rollercoasters – much to my husband’s delight! I’m happy, however, to stand on the sidelines 🙂

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