London In The Summer With Kids By Jess

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We love London; no surprise there! Out of the four people living in our house, three of us have lived in London for their whole life, and we all agree that it is an incredible place to visit. Lately, our family have been involved in two amazing projects to do with London, and they both were wonderful experiences.

Mum and Rob meeting the “Lord Mayor”, Morris (as opposed to Boris!)

Firstly, we were invited to go to the opening of Top Trumps: 30 Things To See In London, where they launched their newest theme – all about London!

My brother Robert loves Top Trumps, so we were all very excited to attend the launch. We discovered that the new game would have information about different landmarks in London, and that children and their parents would be able to use the Top Trumps as a kid friendly tour of the best places to go to in the city.

Rob on an old bus in the transport museum

First of all, we were greeted by the Night-Mayor in front of the London Transport Museum, and were given a sheet full of questions about London landmarks. For half an hour we looked around the museum, and learnt cool facts about trains, buses and more. After this, we went on a bus and saw sights such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge. The day finished with a trip up the Shard, which was looads of fun.

Another amazing experience that Rob and I loved was helping to film a video about the best things to do in London, which is here. We were asked to get involved by Bound Round.

It was a really strange experience to be filmed and talk to a camera, but it was loads of fun and we love the video. We hope you find it useful!

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12 Responses

  1. Face Up Beauty

    I lived in London for 13 years and loved it. Yesterday I took my 9-year old daughter to the Aquarium near Westminster. Going back again, I loved it just as much! Tx

    • J

      London is an amazing city, and there is just so much to do. I’ve never actually been to that aquarium, (I think!) but it sounds lovely.

  2. Laura Side Street

    We love having mini breaks with the little man to London and we are never short of things to see and do – we also love the transport museum and the Natural History Museum being free is always one we make sure to stop by

    Laura x

    • J

      The museums are lots of fun, and I especially love the transport museum. I have a strange obsession of busses and the routes they follow, so I always have a great time there!

  3. Sanket D.

    I was in London last month, and one of the least expected things I could have expected was bumping into the queen at Trafalgar Square! She was just there for some occasion and a mini-crowd had gathered. The inquisitive one that I’m, I probed and prodded only to find out that the Her Highness Herself was expected to appear shortly and behold she did – dressed in parrot pink and as dolled up as a teenager!
    Quite a beautiful city London is – though 2 days was a little too short to explore it as much as I’d have liked to!

    • Sarah Ebner

      That is a fabulous story!! We have never met the Queen, although we have been to Buckingham Palace. And yes, you need days and weeks to explore London properly

  4. Jessica

    I love taking my daughter up to London to explore all the wonderful parks and museums. I feel lucky to have it so close by!

  5. Shere

    the video is great!!! we have an upcoming trip to London, but I must admit I haven’t started with the planing 🙁

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