Playing at Lost Jungle London: Europe’s Largest Adventure Golf

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Sarah, Jess and Robert at Lost Jungle, LondonWe travel around a lot to visit places which we think we – and other families – would enjoy. So I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to find a place which excited us and that is not far from where we live! Lost Jungle London is a brand new crazy golf course, billed as the largest adventure golf course in Europe! It’s based in Edgware, north London and has a large car park for those driving there. It also has two 18 hole mini golf courses, a footgolf course and a nine hole short golf course.

So, what did we think…..?

Jess, aged 15, writes: Our family had a fantastic time playing at Lost Jungle London – the largest mini golf site in Europe. The site consists of 36 crazy golf holes with two themes: the Amazon, and the Congo, and a nine hole footgolf course. This was definitely one of the most exciting and well done mini golf courses I’ve ever been to, and our family has visited lots!

Jess at Lost Jungle LondonWe arrived early in the hope of escaping crowds, and soon descended upon the Amazon themed mini golf course, armed with clubs and brightly coloured golf balls (a different colour for each of us). The course was amazing; every hole was different from the next, and the area was finished with some amazing details. During our game, we passed waterfalls, palm trees, “Aztec” ruins, gorillas, and snakes.These were brilliant touches which definitely made our time more interesting.

A particular highlight of mine was the second hole, in which you had to putt the ball across a path, but if you didn’t, it would fall into the water. This was extremely difficult, and me being me, I ended up being the only person in the family to fail at it. Worried that we’d lost the ball forever, we ran around to the other side, only to find that, it had gone through a secret hole and had come out in a great position on the other side!

Crazy golf at Lost Jungle LondonSarah says: The space here is fantastic. It’s built on the site of an old golf course, so it’s very uncrowded and you feel as if you’re in the country just being here. We all thought the courses were extremely well designed. We played 18 holes on the Amazon course, but also had a quick look around the Congo one (which has its own wobbly bridge to walk across).

At Lost Jungle Golf London

I was impressed by all the little touches, such as informative signs on each hole (anything ranging from the Aztecs to Brazilian spiders) and the waterfalls were great to see too. There were a number of families playing, but also lots of people of all ages. I did think it would be great to do with a group of my friends.
All in all, it was such good fun.

A snake on the Congo course at Lost Golf London
A snake on the Congo course


Robert, aged 12, writes: Dad and I also had a go at football golf, and I personally enjoyed it more than the golf (although that was really fun, but could get a little frustrating, as well). There were nine holes in the football golf course, each one slightly easier than the next.

Robert plays football golf at Lost Jungle, London,

We decided to play without keeping score and I found that really good it made it more fun. Football golf is when you try and kick your football into a hole between 30 to 90 yards away. It was really fun and I would definitely do it again. I really loved it.

Sarah, Jess and Robert at Lost Jungle, London
The courses are very impressive to look at (and fun to play on!)

Jess says: In conclusion, we all really enjoyed our time at Lost Jungle. It really was an excellent morning out, with bright, enjoyable, and unique holes. It really stood out as a fun, exciting place to visit – perfect for all the family. Nothing was too hard or too easy, and the queues weren’t massive (although we did visit at 10.30 in the morning!). I would recommend Lost Jungle for anyone in the London area who wants a fun day out, as it was probably the best mini golf I have ever been to.

Lost Jungle London is open seven days a week, from 9am to 9pm (bank holidays 9.30 to 5pm). It costs £9 per 18 holes for an adult, £8 for a student and £7.50 for a “schoolie”, aged 5-17. A family costs from £28 (two adults and two kids, or one adult and three kids). If you want to play 36 holes, then a family ticket is £42, and adult is £13.50 and 5-17 £11.25. The foot golf costs £7.50 per adult and for each “schoolie”.
Disclosure: We were given a family pass to try the course out, but all the content here is our own and Lost Jungle London had no input into it.


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  1. Kate Sinclair

    Oooo I’ve not heard of this, I must go it looks great fun……… just to talk my niece into it so I don’t look like some creepy lady enjoying it on my own!!!

  2. Emma

    This looks amazing! What a great place to have a family day out. Mine are a little young for crazy golf at the moment, but I’d definitely like to visit when they are older.

  3. Maj

    Wow! Never heard of this but looks like great fun – haven’t played crazy golf for years!

  4. Nell (Pigeon Pair and Me)

    This looks like an awful lot of fun. I like the idea of no-score football too, although my son’s a competitive little monster so he’d probably enforce some kind of scoring system!

  5. Jenni Grainger

    We have to go here !! We are crazy golf fanatics every holiday or day out we manage to squeeze a round in. Harder these days now we are a trio and certain little person takes an age on each hole

  6. Rachel

    Sounds lots of fun – great review. We’ve just got disc golf for the beach – might give it a go this weekend.

  7. fred

    really looking forward to this epic day out planed by family and friends as a surprise for me on my return to the country after studdying in america
    thanks chris and amelia plus family if you ever read this blog

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