Great for all the family: Luxury at the Marylebone hotel

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Robert and his teepee bed at the Marylebone hotel, London
Robert and his teepee bed!

Robert, who’s 11, writes:

We stayed a night at the Marylebone Hotel in central London and I really enjoyed it. The building was massive and so were our rooms, and the hotel is right in the centre of Marylebone, which is a really lovely part of London – easy to walk round, very central (it’s near Bond Street and Oxford Street) and with loads of shops and cafes nearby. It would be very good for tourists from overseas too.


The Marylebone Hotel takes interconnecting rooms to the next level by giving us two completely separate rooms with a small hall in the middle (you can see this on our video!). There was also a sliding wall that closed off the sleeping area for Jess and me. That meant there was no one to bother me and I could do what I wanted. We have never seen interconnecting rooms like this, and thought they were amazing.

Milk and cookies at the Marylebone hotel
Milk and cookies!

We were trying out a special family stay which is set up for kids. This meant that I was given complimentary cookies, macaroons and milk to have as a midnight feast and I also got a range of awesome goodies that included a teddy bear and a portable four-in-a-row game (which mum and I played a number of times). Plus, I had the privilege of sleeping in a tepee which was super cool and really exciting.

Enjoying mocktails at the Marylebone hotel,
Enjoying the mocktails at dinner time!

We had a delicious dinner. I personally had about five drinks including two massive mocktails. The bread they gave us was delicious; I really enjoyed my fish and chips and the dessert (desserts) was superb. Nothing beats a good lemon tart, although I know mum was also very happy with her chocolate melting pudding and peanut butter ice-cream.

In my children’s package I was given a list of movies (although to be honest there wasn’t a very good choice of films and they should probably increase what’s on offer) I picked the Angry birds Movie which I then watched on the biggest TV I have ever seen – when I came into the room I thought it was just a big mirror! The film was good and even better after I started eating the biscuits.

The bathroom was great, there was a really nice shower and we were given those cool white robes. Plus, mum really liked all the toiletries (they were Aromatherapy Associates). Everyone was really nice and the staff were really quick to bring us anything we needed.

Breakfast was even better than dinner! There were muffins, croissants as well as eggs, cereal and loads more. I ate so much and drank a lot too, and everyone was really nice.

Enjoying breakfast at the Marylebone hotel
Enjoying breakfast

Overall I had a fantastic stay. I loved the rooms, the food and the complimentary gifts and it was so cool to sleep in a tepee. I would definitely recommend the children’s package to any child aged 12 or below and think that the whole family would have a great time here. I also know that mum and dad and Jess all had a great time too, thoroughly enjoyed the food and felt very relaxed afterwards. Dad even tried out the gym the next morning!

Mum and I also had a brilliant guided tour of Hamleys as part of the stay, and you can read about that here.

Disclosure: we were offered an overnight stay and breakfast at the Marylebone Hotel in order to review it. However, the hotel had no input into this blog post at all.

The luxury family package is meant for between 3-5 guests and costs from £750 a night.


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  1. Nisbah - Five Adventurers

    Wow, sounds amazing Sarah. What an amazing experience for you and the kids and great to find a family friendly hotel in central London. I love it when hotels go the extra mile to make a stay that much more memorable! I want to sleep in the Teepee bed 🙂

  2. Cathy (Mummytravels)

    Marylebone is such a lovely area – and this definitely sounds a hotel worth checking out for a special stay with kids. What a fun package and I love the sound of the connecting rooms too, very clever.

  3. Ting at MTM

    Just wow. Great location, close to all the shops! And that bed – Monkey would love it. Plus the midnight feast. I’m pretty jealous actually!

  4. Gail

    What a lovely sounding hotel – we are from Canada and looking to come to London later this year. I’ll certainly look into it as my son, who’s 7, would really enjoy the teepee, I’m sure!

  5. Laura

    Wow how cool is that teepee bed – such a great idea and the food looks ace as well – always nice to read a positive review of a family friendly hotel in London

    Laura x

  6. Claudia

    Sleeping in a teepee would be very cool indeed! You certainly enjoyed some delicious meals as well. Looks like a great place to stay in London.

  7. BonBon

    WOW!!! luxury to its finest and that’s amazing they do family packages and it looks FAB!!! Your boy is so sweet and a good writer himself:)

  8. Hananh

    Ooh good area for sure! An sounds like a lot of fun. My inner child wants to sleep in a teepee and drink those mocktails- they look yum!

  9. Andi

    I’ve never seen an interconnecting room quite like that! The milk and cookies are a nice treat. The food all looks great, that’s important when it comes to hotel foods, so often you want to eat there for convenience but it just isn’t good. This looks like it has everything!

  10. Judy Stephens

    What an absolutely incredible looking place. We have relatives coming from Boston this fall, and I’m going to send them this – their kids would love it!

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