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Car wheelOur most recent holiday was always going to be splendid, involving a luxurious hotel (the Domes of Elounda, which we will write about soon) in a beautiful place (Crete). However, I did have one major concern, which worried me even before we were going to leave the country. And that involved how we would get to the airport.

We were flying to Heraklion Airport, going via Gatwick and coming back on a bank holiday Monday where there was the risk of a rail strike. My husband and I decided we should drive to the airport in case the strike did go ahead, but this meant the risk of traffic jams, then all the hassle of airport parking. It was not a very cheery thought.

Ah yes, airport parking. In my experience this involves stress and rush. At least until now…..

I say this because we were really spoilt this holiday. Instead of a frantic drive to the airport then struggling with luggage and children while jumping on a courtesy bus to the airport, we tried out Meet and Greet parking via APH. And I have to say we were impressed.

If you don’t know what Meet and Greet parking is, it is exactly what the name suggests – someone meets you and then takes away your car to look after it for a week. Having looked into parking at the main airport car park, we were surprised to find that Meet & Greet was in the same kind of ballpark when it comes to money. And it is rather more relaxing.

We drove to Gatwick the day we were leaving, having already giving APH an idea of when we would get there. We also rang from the car to confirm when we would arrive. Barry was waiting for us in the short-stay orange carpark when we arrived. He was extremely friendly and checked over our car with us (so we would know if anything had happened to it when we were away), noting down any scratches or dents. He also told us that the distance to the depot was seven miles away, so we would see an extra 15 miles on our car when we returned from our holiday.

After filling in the paperwork, he reminded us to take our hats, mobile phones and gloves and wished us a good holiday! It was as simple as that. We were off to check-in, with no transfer to a minibus or hassle at all. We all felt remarkably relaxed, and we knew our car was safe.

Barry from APH
Barry was helpful and friendly!

On our return to Gatwick, it was similarly straightforward. We rang APH when we were in baggage reclaim and another Barry (maybe only men called Barry are allowed to work at this company) met us in the orange car park with our car. It was all incredibly quick and I have to say, it really did take away one of the negatives I associate with holidays. There is simply so little stress with this method and it is also something we would try again. Plus I think it would be even more rewarding if you had small children and all the paraphernalia that involves….

In the car park at Gatwick Airport
We look quite relaxed for a return from holiday, don’t we?

Disclosure: We tried out APH’s meet and greet parking on a complimentary basis, but the company had no input into this blog post. One week’s Meet & Greet airport parking at Gatwick Airport with Airport Parking & Hotels (APH) costs from £74.95. To book, visit or call 01342 859536.


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  1. Mums do travel

    I love Meet and Greet parking at the airport – it’s just the best option, especially if you have a horrible early morning flight. I’ve used APH a couple of times too and they’re excellent.

  2. Globalmouse

    YES! We have used APH’s Meet and Greet and absolutely loved it – so nice to not have to lug bags and children across carparks or on airport shuttle buses that don’t turn up….we love it!

  3. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    I’ve always been nervous of a meet and greet because when you book in advance, it can often work out the cheaper option. I think it’s because I saw a Watchdog programme where they drove off and left your car in a residential street not looked after! I clearly need to get over this and try it out on your recommendation

  4. Louise Edwards

    We did Meet and Greet parking at Luton and it was fantastic – definitely would do it again. Last time we flew from Heathrow we treated ourselves to a night at the Sofitel which is just a 10 minute walk to the departures at T5 this probably beat Meet and Greet but only slightly! x

  5. sam- happyhomebird

    I don’t so overseas travel by air at the moment but this sounds like a great idea to cut out all the faff. I’m on the doorstep of Manchester airport though so probably have it very easy!

  6. Hannah Wood (staveley)

    Would not benefit form this much as don’t tend to go abroad but is a good idea.

  7. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    This service sound so hassle free! When you are travelling, it’s important to ensure that plans are as smooth running as possible so this service seems like it would be a great idea.

  8. Cathy (MummyTravels)

    I tried this for the first time when my daughter was about 10 months old, and I’m hooked now. I quite often fly from Gatwick, so that means driving and we do meet and greet every time. When I’m travelling alone with my three-year-old, complete with buggy and suitcase, I cannot bear to think of negotiating shuttle buses as well, especially if jetlag is involved! And as you’ve discovered, it’s surprising that it’s not normally much more expensive. I’ve used various companies, including APH, and have never (touch wood) had a problem.

  9. Mary Louise

    Used meet and greet for the first time two years ago when we had a small baby and have always used since. Takes away all the hassle of parking and walking with luggage!

  10. Trish

    I really should be commenting on the meet and greet but can’t get past the fact that you’ve been to the Domes of Elounda! Have seen this in brochures and online so often and drooled about it. Can’t wait to hear how you got on.
    As for the meet and greet, I have a husband who is nervous, like Ting, about someone driving off with his vehicle. So, for now, it’s park and bus!

  11. Lauren Walton

    Meet and greet parking is easy to use and it can give you extra time and save money. Parking nowadays is a necessity especially if you own a car. You can also use Luton Airport parking spaces in case you visit the airport.

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