Our Fabulous Day At The Science Museum (by Jessica)

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We were lucky enough to see the Energy Show at the Science Museum and we had a brilliant time.

The live show is based around two futuristic science students – serious Annabella and Star-Wars obsessed Phil. To pass their science exam, they must perform a five minute skit showing and explaining the nine different types of energy. To help them, they have an old lab full of cool equipment and two assistants (Bernard and i-nstein). The 75 minute long production features loads of explosive experiments, fun facts and big bangs so -although the loud noises may put some people off- it is fun for everyone aged 7+.
My favourite character in the show was Bernard as he was really funny, especially when he fell in love with Annabella. Phil was also hilarious; she made loads of great Star Wars references in totally awesome voices!
The experiments were incredible but scary – I did spend some of the time anxiously anticipating loud bangs. However, the results were always very cool and the sound were not as loud as I expected.

My favourite experiment (although it was also the loudest) was when Annabella and Phil put hydrogen and oxygen in balloons, then added fire to pop them. The first only had oxygen and it made quite a quiet sound in comparison to what I was expecting. The second only had hydrogen in it and it made a massive noise. I was extremely scared about what the balloon with the mix of chemicals would sound like! Luckily it wasn’t too terrible, and I learnt a lot about combustion in the process.

Us With The 3D Glasses We Made
Once the show ended, we played interactive games that tested and tricked our brain. These made us drive the wrong way, remember patterns, collect squares, and answer questions. This was a lot of fun and I wish that we stayed for longer.
After a delicious lunch, we went to the Pop Up Museum workshop where we were given scissors glue and a piece of paper with a design on it. We folded, stuck and cut these up to create miniature artifacts from the museum, such as an apple mac. This was a challenge and I had a lot of fun.
We also enjoyed the 3D Spectacular workshop, where we made our own 3D glasses and looked at pictures with them. You can also take home a photo that becomes 3D when you put on your glasses. I think that’s very cool.
Overall, we had a fantastic day, learnt a lot and marvelled at loads.
Thank you so much to Rachael at the Science Museum for getting us tickets to the energy show. You can find out more about it here.

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  1. Actually Mummy...

    I think my family would love this. We’re going to see Braniac Live next week and have been promised loud bangs – we’re only 4 rows away from the stage!

  2. helloitsgemma

    We visited the Science museum recently, it was brilliant, much better than I’d hoped. I did like the sound of the energy show, and it certainly sounds fab, but my son just won’t do theatre or cinema. I had to bribe him to sit through a 15 minutes red arrow performance, which he loved in practice but not in theory. 🙁

    • J

      I agree – the Science Museum exceeded my expectations. I also had a fabulous time at At Bristol (Bristol’s science museum) this summer. If you ever go to Bristol, you definitely should go there!

    • hellogemma

      We live in Bristol and are members/friends of At Bristol and go a lot, it is fab. Clearly, our children have similar interests! Scientists of the future?

  3. Doug

    The science show sounds amazing. 75 minutes! We are in the U.S., but next time we make it back to London we will certainly visit. Thanks for sharing!

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