Chocolate Galore at the Hotel Chocolat Restaurant

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Jess writes: It’s no secret that mum and I both love chocolate, so I was really looking forward to our visit to Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot 1745 Restaurant in Central London. Mum had decided to treat us, and I was really excited to see how Hotel Chocolat would incorporate chocolate into their food. This is what we thought:

Rabot 1745 from the outside, Family Travel Times
Rabot 1745 from the outside

As soon as we sat at our table, mum and I were given a small dish of cacao nibs to try, which were rich and delicious. This was an unusual touch, and meant that I was looking forward to what happened next. I was also thrilled when our server asked us for a refill (we obviously said yes).

Cacao Beans, Family Travel Times
We loved the cacao beans!

Mum and I shared a starter: “Sourdough with three cacao accompaniments: chocolate balsamic, cacao pesto, nib butter – £6”. We were interested to see how these tasted, and they were all delicious. We unfortunately didn’t have enough bread to lap up all of the sauce, but I was very impressed by how clearly you could taste the cacao, and how well it worked with everything.

Sourdough Bread, Family Travel Times
There were cacao nibs in all three of these dips: pesto, butter, and balsamic vinegar!

Next came the main courses: I picked “Mac and cheese in cacao nib pastry, smoky cacao nib and almond roast cauliflower – £14”. This looked very small on the plate, and I was surprised by how rich it was. I enjoyed the mac and cheese, although it wasn’t particularly special. For such a fancy restaurant, it could have been more interesting. Mum tried the “Baked sweet potato gratin with cacao buttered black beans, poached eggs and melting cheese – £15”, and she enjoyed it, though she was confused why the cacao was added. I agreed with her – it didn’t stand out in either of the dishes, and didn’t add anything to the experience.

Mac and Cheese, Family Travel Times
Our mains were nice, but not amazingly special

We were both too stuffed for a rich, chocolatey dessert, so instead chose “Three home-made sorbets – cacao pulp-soursop, guava, pineapple-lime – £7”. These were lovely – the cacao one was unlike anything I’d tried before, and the pineapple-lime was mouth-watering. Had we been in the mood for chocolate, I’m sure they would have been even better.

Ice Cream, Family Travel Times
The ice cream was delicious – a perfect way to round off our meal!

Overall, our trip to Rabot 1745 was very nice, but not super special. We both liked the novelty of the chocolate, the atmosphere was lovely, and the servers were great. The restaurant was pricier than usual, but the starter and main were definitely worth it, it was an exciting experience, and also a good conversation starter! We also thought the starter and desserts were amazing and reasonably priced, but we probably could have got a nicer main course somewhere else. I would love to return, but this time just for another plate of the sourdough with dips, a dessert, and a hot chocolate.

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  1. Cathy (Mummytravels)

    Mmmmm – really interesting to read your review. I went to the Rabot Estate plantation and Hotel Chocolat in St Lucia and I think the experience at the meal was similar: the dips were fabulous but the cacao in the batter on my fish there didn’t add much. The tree to bar tour there was fascinating though.

  2. Erica Price

    I love the idea of this as a bit of a novelty, but would worry that they’d be adding chocolate for the sake of it. That said a little chocolate can really make a savoury dish like a chilli.

  3. Laura

    Whaaaaat I cannot believe I didn’t know about this place!!! I need to go here – all the food looks amazing

    Laura x

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