Ripley’s Believe It or Not (By Jessica)

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not is one of the coolest places to visit in London. It is full of amazing artwork, vile videos, exciting exhibits and fun facts. I have been there twice and loved it both times.
One reason that I love Ripley’s it that unlike a normal museum, not all of the exhibits are behind glass. This made my visits so much more exciting. The place is also full of really enjoyable activities and facts that you would never find in a normal museum, such as water the temperature as it would have been outside the Titanic and a shrunken heads room. This room was full of people who had two pupils in each eye and so on – definitely too disgusting for me!
There is also a part of Ripley’s full of torture instruments and machines that is gross but very interesting. My friends and I had fun pressing a button that sent 2000 volts of electricity through a pretend man and grimaced at the bed of nails. We also marvelled at the spectacular hologram of Ripley near the beginning. It looked so realistic.

Ripley’s is also full of amazing art, such as pictures of the queen made up of 1p coins. My favourite was one made of coloured gobstoppers. All of this was amazing, but there was still so much more!
The mirror maze was brilliant and really difficult. It is massive and in a really dim light. When we had completed it, we ran right in and did it all over again! However, it costs a lot of money and is not as brilliant as everything else so it can be skipped. It was my third favourite part of the day though.
We also really enjoyed the Laser Quest. It also was an optional extra but it was totally awesome and I really recommend paying that little bit more to do it. You had to get around a room without touching any lasers to steal the money. My go only took three minutes but I had so much fun!
The best bit of the day was the Black Hole. You do not have to pay extra as it is part of the museum and you have to get through it to go to the next bit. It is basically a very short tunnel where you walk through on a platform. It sounds really boring, but the outside is spinning around so it feels like you are being turned upside down. Some people just close their eyes and walk right through, but my friends and I sat down and chatted on it for five minutes. It was EPIC!
Overall, I recommend Ripley’s 100% to everyone aged 7+ who like fun facts and aren’t afraid of seeing squeamish things. Enjoy!

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  1. Funky Wellies

    Again we visited the L.A. version and enjoyed it very much. What a collection of bizarre things… Second Daughter was fascinated by the mermaid!!

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