Robert meets an alligator….

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Robert holds a baby alligator after an airboat ride in Florida
Robert’s new friend!

When Robert went to Florida in the summer, he not only went to Space Camp, he also met some alligators and even held one! He had a brilliant time doing this and wrote about it for a lovely Australian website called TravelThereNext. We were thrilled to find out that he was one of two runners-up in their kids’ travel writing competition and are very proud of him.

Here’s a taste of the article…

“My name is Robert and I am 9. I recently went on an amazing holiday to Florida in America, and while you might expect me to tell you about theme parks, I’m not! Instead I’m going to tell you a boat trip where we saw real alligators. You don’t see those at home.

My dad and I had a wonderful time on an airboat ride in Florida’s Everglades, but it wasn’t just the boat that I loved, it was what we saw too.

Firstly we got into a boat that was so fast, the wind was blowing everyone’s hair backwards. Some even got into my mouth. We had to put an earpiece on so you could hear our tour guide over the wind and we could also ask questions through the ear piece.

We were on the St John’s River and the scenery was beautiful, with all the plants, flowers and grass. It was such a nice day and once we got into an open space we saw cows running through the water which was really weird. I had never seen that before.

When we were in a small forest we saw our first alligator. They were quite hard to see with all the trees, but when you got a good view of them they were amazing….”

Visit TravelThereNext to read more about Robert’s adventure and see some more pictures.

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11 Responses

  1. Sheri | Flowers & Freckles

    I did this exact same thing when I went to Florida with my family when I was 9! To this day the airboat ride on the Everglades and the subsequent trip to Gatorland are the two things I remember the most about! (I even still have a keyring of me holding an alligator) – What a charming piece of writing from Robert, I hope he carries on! xx

  2. Jazzy

    Congrats to Robert !! That is a nice article, I know some nine year old kids that barely know how to spell some of those words in the article let alone write an essay.

  3. Alli

    Way to go, Robert!! You definitely have a budding writer there 🙂 It’s great you have this kind of material posted to your blog, I have never seen it before and it’s very unique and engaging!

  4. Trish

    Another super blog post, Robert. I think what I love is not just your fantastic writing, but that huge grin on your face. That tells me you were having the best time!

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