Shrek’s Adventure London, by Robert

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With Shrek, at Shrek's Adventure, LondonRobert, who’s 10, writes: As you know I live in London and have been to countless great experiences here but last week I went to the new(ish) DreamWorks Tours, Shrek’s Adventure and it was one of the best things I have ever done. This is why…

I love rides, shows, comedy and action and Shrek’s Adventure had all of that. Unlike most attractions similar to this it followed one great story so every section led on to the next and it made it more like a show. The whole thing was split into 12 sections and I will explain each of them briefly.

  1. Departure gate

This section is basically queuing but a lot more fun. Instead of just standing around you should look at the props and posters spread out over the room. There were posters promoting various DreamWorks destinations or saying “Beware of witches” but also legs coming down the chimney or the stationery cupboard sign being crossed out and now reading “security office.”  It was really funny. We then met a hilarious staff member who talked to us about what was going to happen. We then met Princess Fiona and did some singing, before moving onto…

Sitting outside Shrek's Adventure, South Bank, London

  1. The Ride

Even if you aren’t a rides person I’m sure you’ll still like it as it isn’t too bumpy, but even if you don’t go on the ride you still get to watch the video (like mum!). Personally I expected it to be moving you around a bit more but I still liked it.

The ride took place on a bus, and it involved Donkey driving us to Far Far Away with the help of characters from How to Train your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. However, we killed Rumplestiltskin’s (Boo, he’s the bad guy) favourite witch on the way. Oh No. We needed to find Shrek to get us out of that mess so we went to…

  1. Shrek’s Swamp

Here we met Cinderella who told us how to get home. She told us to go to the fortune teller’s caravan but that we needed to give him some gold. Eventually we found some but only after one man had to look in Shrek’s toilet. The sound effects were especially good at that part.

  1. Rumplestiltskin’s Carriage

This was one of my favourite sections. All the actors at Shrek were good but this one was so funny. After giving him the gold we looked in the magic ball. Throughout the tour the audience are picked to do a lot of things and at this bit my dad had to dance in front of everyone, he was quite embarrassed. But it was brilliant…

The fortune teller - part of Shrek's Adventure, London
The fortune teller was great
  1. The Poison Apple pub

After flirting with my dad, Cinderella’s ugly sister told us the ingredients to make a potion to bring us back home. Puss in Boots gave us the hair of a hero, the first item on the list but just before a witch discovered us and we had to run to the next section.

  1. Game Show (this had some of the best special effects)

I love a good game show especially one with a twist and this one had a big twist. To get the second ingredient on the list, conscience of a boy we had to answer yes or no questions with the buttons beside us. If we got them all right we got what we needed but if we got them wrong Pinocchio would get tortured. After getting what we needed (it was a close shave with the witches) we left the wheel of torture and landed in

  1. The mirror maze

I won’t go into full detail about the mirror maze as I assume you know what a mirror maze is.

  1. Drury Lane and 9. Muffin Man’s House

In this section we met Sleeping Beauty (she was very funny), Gingy and the Muffin man in order to make the potion. After Donkey gave us the last ingredient essence of ogre we created number 10, the magic portal where we stood in a circle and then transported back home.

I won’t give away the ending but it involves 11. A prison, Shrek’s giant head and a bumpy surprise on the benches we were sitting on. It’s not the ending you were expecting.

  1. Arrivals hall

With kung Fu Panda, part of Shrek's Adventure, LondonWhen we finally made it back to London there were plenty of photo opportunities from all the  DreamWorks films. At the beginning you get some pictures taken and they are put in a DreamWorks Travel Guide for you. As well as pictures, this has games, jokes and recipes too, it is £20 for a book with no extras, £25 for one with a bonus How to Train your Dragon picture and £30 for a key ring and magnet as well of your pictures. If you just want one picture it costs £15. The shop is also expensive but has great things from cute cuddly toys to a Shrek’s Adventure Monopoly.

Incredibly cute Shrek toy as seen at Shrek's Adventure
There were some incredibly cute toys for sale!

Overall I really enjoyed my day, which was brilliant and I would really recommend it.

Shrek’s Adventure costs £26 for adults if you pay on the door (£23.40 if you book online) and £20.80 for children (£18.72) if you book online. You should book online as you need to reserve a slot. We were fortunate enough to be offered complimentary admission in order to review the attraction. However, all words and opinions are our own.

We would recommend the attraction for ages 5+. Robert’s sister Jess, who is 13, thought she would be too old, so decided not to come, but Robert’s parents really enjoyed it, and so did the other adults present!

Shrek’s Adventure is situated on the South Bank of London, by the River Thames. It’s right next to the London Dungeon, which he has also written about – read his post here. The National Theatre is only a few minutes away and we loved this too! Read Robert’s post about the backstage tour. After Shrek, you can also enjoy the playground in Jubilee Gardens, just a few minutes away.


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    I’ve been meaning to visit this attraction since it opened. It’s good to know it’s fun for slightly older children (like the film itself!). Thanks Robert for another informative post.

    • Sarah Ebner

      Oh yes, I had to as I knew Robert would love it!! But it was hysterical when my husband was picked for the dancing….Think about all the great things you’ll be able to do soon!

  2. louise

    I think next time we are in London with the kids we will have to pay a visit here – who doesn’t love Shrek! x

    • Robert

      I’m sure your child would love it and you would as well. If you go remember to take the camera, we took so many pictures!

    • Robert

      I’m sure they would. I loved it and so did mum and dad. The whole thing was extremely well made. They put loads of genres into one experience.

  3. Erica Price

    I like the sound of making queuing fun – waiting around can take the joy out of things if there isn’t something to entertain you.

    • Robert

      That’s what I think. Sometimes a half an hour queue doing nothing can ruin even the best things. But this was brilliant and I didn’t get bored at all.

  4. Mums do travel

    This is a very thorough post Robert, and I can see that you really enjoyed your visit. I liked it when I went there too, although my kids (17 and 12) thought that it was too young for them!

    • Robert

      I loved and so did mum and dad. It was extremely cleverly made. It put so many genres into one experience.

  5. Laura

    Looks like a really fun day! I’ve always loved Shrek – it’s cool that they go through a storyline with the sections.

  6. Gemma

    We met so many people who say – you don’t sound as Scottish as expected. Craig always replies ‘what ’cause we don’t sound like Shrek – PRINCESS FEEEEEONNNNA!’ Looks like a fun day out for the kids.

  7. chrysoula

    It sounds like a fun activity even if I am not a child! I do like Shrek though and I didn’t know about this new attraction in London! Thanks for letting us know!

  8. Penny

    My husband proposed to me while we were watching Shrek (long story), I really should take him – thanks for the idea, Robert and as always a great post – you are such good blog writer.

  9. Lisa Goodmurphy

    This sounds like such a fun attraction for kids! Well written review, Robert – I particularly liked the part where you described it as brilliant that your Dad had to dance – that would have been a highlight for my kids as well!

  10. samiya selim

    We all love the Shrek movies! My kids would so enjoy going to this! Too bad it’s only me who’s coming next month to UK. Great job once again Robert, for a fun and informative post 🙂

  11. Mags

    This is so cool. So glad you had a good time Robert, thanks for sharing with us. I live near Universal Studios and I know how much everyone loves Shrek.

  12. Charly Dove

    Oh this sounds brilliant, what a fabulous day! Great post and I love the photos. We must look into this, my nearly 5 year old loves Shrek!

  13. Alyson

    We haven’t been, but we must have walked past it a dozen times over the summer ( we stay in London when we need a break from full-time travel) Looks great, will go next time we’re home.

  14. Shannon

    if you went to shreks adventure when you’re 40 years old would you get bored?

  15. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    It’s lovely to get a different perspective from Robert – who clearly had a brilliant time! Great review and described the who journey very well. I definitely think if my boy had been about 3 years older he would have loved it, too! It was a just a bit scary and overwhelming for him. Great photo of you all at the top.

    • Sarah Ebner

      Thank you! Yes, they clearly enjoy different things at different ages. And it was perfect for him as he loves shows and rides!

  16. Cathy (MummyTravels)

    This sounds such a fun day – I’d read a couple of posts from people with younger children (who tended to come to the same conclusion that 5+ was better) so lovely to hear Robert’s point of view and that he had such a great time. Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

  17. Wander Mum

    Great to hear Robert’s verdict! So glad you all had fun and I love that your dad had to get involved! I was invited on a press trip for this and thought it was great – we did the first few parts including the bus ride which was brilliant but I knew my daughter, at three, would find it a bit scary and overwhelming so definitely think at least five upwards. Thanks for sharing in #citytripping

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