The trip of a lifetime – South Africa by Lila D

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Rhinos in South Africa as seen on the Family Travel Times blog
Family Travel Times is usually written by us (Sarah, Jess and Robert), although my lovely niece Ella has made a couple of great contributions too (including this one on Whitstable). Now I’m really delighted to welcome you to another member of the family, my gorgeous young cousin Lila D, who is 8. She went on a magnificent extended holiday a while back and the memories have never faded! Here she tells us about the Start of a Trip of a Lifetime!

“Super South Africa!

Hi! I’m Lila D & I’m going to tell you about the time when I was six and my sister was four
& we went on a trip around the world…..

Imagine my surprise when I found out that we were going on a four month trip to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & America!!!

It was all fantastic, but I’m going to tell you about our first stop, Karoo in South Africa. It turned out to be sooo much more than I expected.

We started off watching The Lion King on our flight to South Africa, and ended up nearly driving over a real male lion’s tail in the actual country.

Going on safari for the first time in our lives was like having tea with the Queen a million times!

an orange Throated Long-claw
An orange Throated Long-claw

I’ve made a list of only ten of the many animals we saw:

Fork Tailed Drongo
Acacia Pied Barbet
Orange Throated Long-claw
Bat-Eared Fox
Vervet monkey
Red Hartebeest

We followed a daily routine and most of the time, we stuck to it. We were woken up early every morning by the sound of vicious howling, as a troop of baboons went by. Then our jeep driver would take us on a breath-taking adventure where we might meet up with a herd of elephants (did you know that they are great climbers?) or spot three white rhino hidden in the mist.

After lunch we would go back to the lodge and do some arts and crafts, where, for example, we would paint a leopard lying in the grass ready to pounce, while my Mum and Dad went on yet another game drive.

a vervet monkey in South Africa as seen on the Family Travel Times blog
Vervet monkeys tried to take Lila’s food!

At dinner we chose our meal and while eating we watched the baby warthogs tugging eagerly at  blades of grass, trying to get a taste of their sweetness. If we weren’t careful some of the Vervet monkeys would come and steal our food! Then, when dinner was finished, we would return to our cosy little hut where we would often find little treats lying on our pillow, and then have a satisfying, deep sleep. Well, normally…Once we woke up with a bat in our room, but that’s another story… ”

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  1. Lila that sounds like a wonderful trip which you’ll probably remember for ever. You’ve written about it beautifully.

  2. Lila, you have written about our amazing experience in South Africa so beautifully. You always make me so proud xxxxxxxxxx

  3. This sounds like an absolutely fabulous trip and I’m sure that Lila had a fantastic time 😀

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. Well done, darling Lila, with this lovely written blog you make me travel with you ! XXX Auntie Sandra

  5. Next time will you take us all with you? It sounds so amazing. I look forward to reading the next instalment…. xxx

  6. Vicky Goldin

    What an adventure, Lila! How nice of you to share it with us. I’m imagining myself there right now… Mmm…. Wonder whether the Fork Tailed Drongo would like my leek and potato soup. What do you think?

  7. what an amazing blog!! As i was reading it felt like i was having the adventure with you 🙂
    Absolutly brilliant- i want to hear more!

  8. Dear Lila,
    I love your story about your trip in South Africa! How great and amazing you are at giving details and describing things so well!
    Well done for your brilliant work! I am so proud of you and I so happy to see how much you achieved! Keep up the good work!
    Love you loads, Anca xxx

  9. Lila darling, what a treat for us all to get a glimpse of your amazing adventures in SA! And what a fun read!!! (Educational too, as I hate to admit, we’d never even heard of all those species with the exception of the wildebeest)!?! Can’t wait for what’s to follow!
    your 4 big fans from Greece. Nathalie, Teli, Dimitri and Lydhia xxxxxxxxx

  10. Rebecca Chebabo

    Wow Lila that sounds amazing,I bet you had a really good time in South Africa.I loved
    The bit when you went on amazing adventures and you told us all the different animals
    you saw. Love Rebecca xx

  11. Lila, what a great trip! I would love to see the lions and monkeys! But no taking my food Mr. monkey! I love your photos!

  12. SO. MUCH. FUN! That bird is gorgeous, although that monkey, not so much!

  13. That sounds like an awesome adventure! I would love to see all those animals in the wild.

  14. What a fabulous adventure! Love that action shot of the monkey, but I think I’d be terrified.

  15. your cousin BEN

    Dear Lila,
    Amazing blog. I am such a proud cousin!!! You have to tell me more about your trip.
    Lots of love
    Your cousin Ben

  16. Wow! What an amazing article! It’s great to see young adventure writers! The Vervet monkeys sound very cheeky! What a great trip. Are you planning on returning or are you off on other adventures?

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