The real Gromit (and more on Bristol)

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We loved Bristol (you may have gathered this by our last two posts, on Gromit-hunting and where to eat with kids in the city). Jessica has now written a lovely, more in-depth post about our trip for UK Travel Room, so please pop over there to take a look.

Brian with Gromit at Paddington station
Brian with Gromit at Paddington station

We were sad not to see all the Gromits during our trip, but decided that we must at least visit one more, even though we are now home in London. So, yesterday, Jessica, Robert and their dad popped off to Paddington Station to visit the one London-based Gromit and, although it was very busy, they managed to get a photo or two as well.

So, why not take a little trip too? Gromit is based on platform 8 and it is, as Jessica says, THE Gromit, or rather, the original.

Gromit hunting ends on September 8th.

 Read what Robert had to say about searching for Gromits!

Jessica’s piece on our Bristol holiday for UK Travel Room can be seen here.


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