The View From The Shard

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 Robert, Dad and I were very lucky to go up 244m to experience spectacular views at the Shard.

The day started off with very little waiting, as there is timed entry. We were soon whisked off to one of the lifts, which go up at 6m per second! There were two lifts in total and our ears popped when we got to the top.


Once we were up there, the view was absolutely spectacular. There were three floors to walk around, each one more astonishing than the one before. On a clear day (like the one when we went), you can see for 40 miles around you when you walk around the 360 degree viewing platform.

From the top of the Shard, I was able to see just about everything in London; including the Olympic Stadium, Houses Of Parliament and the curves in the river Thames. It was a brilliant view.


Another great thing about the Shard are the special telescopes that allow you to look around London and read facts about certain buildings. These were really exciting and taught me a lot. The cleverest thing about the telescopes was that you could only use them for a minute, letting everyone have a go.

The lift down to the ground was definitely the most horrible part of our visit. It made me feel really sick for about thirty minutes after we reached the bottom.


I definitely think that although the views at the Shard are incredible, the Shard involves a lot of walking around and it doesn’t take much time to go all the way round. Therefore, it is NOT worth £24.95 per per adult and £18.95 per child…


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  1. Muriel Kester

    Amazing photos! Not only can you write well but you’re a brilliant photographer.

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