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By Robert, aged 14:

Hello, and welcome back to our blog: Family Times! (We’re not travelling that much at the moment) Last year we went to Chicago and one of the best things we did was going to The Escape Game escape rooms and trying out The Heist – you can read about it here. An escape room is when you and a group of friends or family are stuck inside a building and, oh wait – that’s just quarantine. We all really enjoyed The Heist so when mum told us about a virtual sequel, we were very excited.

For only $10 a “room”, The Heist is an absolute steal – get it? You download a folder of files onto your computer and log into the website; then you use the various links, files and resources to solve the clues and move onto the next sections. In the one we played, Volume I, we were tasked with identifying an art thief, working out his next move and finding his current location. Unlike an actual escape room there are no clues that someone pushed off the table or plug sockets to study intensely, instead there are just lots of fun, clever and logical puzzles to decipher – we didn’t even use any hints.

A selection of evidence files we had to use

We spent over two hours playing this escape room, so it was well worth the money and not particularly easy. There were some good clues to solve and the initial section where you had to search through multiple evidence files was really clever. Also we managed to get right to the end without getting stumped until we found a telephone number which we assumed was a code. Nope, it was just a telephone number which you had to ring (which we didn’t because it was American).

If you’re ever feeling bored in the coming weeks, scrap that, when you’re ever feeling bored in the coming weeks I would definitely recommend trying out one of The Escape Game’s virtual escape rooms as it was a really fun way to pass the time and really well-made.

The Heist – Vol.1 is available for $10 at


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  1. Jan (@chimptrips)

    That sounds perfect. We have been looking at the boxed escape games, but didn’t realise there was a virtual version. Do you think it would be too tricky for 11 year olds?

    • Sarah Ebner

      I think that the 11 year old would enjoy it, but that he or she might need some older sibling/parental help. Having said that, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our children, but that’s always true when we go to the real thing as well.

  2. Harmony, Momma To Go

    oh wow this would be great for a weekend afternoon, we are getting bored of the same games and puzzles. When quarantine is over, I really want to do a real escape room with my family!

  3. Umiko

    This is interesting. Something to do with my son rather than him spending time with his game by himself.

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