Three Amazing Places To Eat In Central Bristol With Kids (by Jessica)

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This summer, we had an amazing five days in Bristol, with lots of time spent in the city centre. Here are three great places that we ate at and really enjoyed…

The Spyglass

3. Spyglass
The Spyglass is a small, friendly restaurant with a fabulous children’s menu and a wonderful and quiet location.
The menu had great variety and all of the food was delicious. I especially loved my corn on the cob which was rolled in an incredible chilli, garlic and cheese mixture – scrumptious! This was served wi
th BBQ garlic bread which was really nice. The Spyglass makes its very own ice-cream on the premises and it was honestly one of the nicest ice-creams I’ve ever tasted. My mum points out that kids eat free here if adults have a main course, and that seems like very good value to me.

2. Las Iguanas
I really loved this restaurant as the spices and flavours were really unique and different to what we usually eat. I had an Epic Enchilada with butternut squash, spinach, cream cheese, beans & chickpeas from the adult’s menu which was lovely but very spicy. The food on the children’s menu has fewer vegetables but still has a great variety of foods. Kids also get a sheet of paper with puzzles on to complete when they are waiting for the food. Everything tasted really nice and now I really love Latin food.

1. Za Za Bazaar

Za Za Bazaar is definitely one of the nicest places that I’ve ever eaten at. Seating 1000, it is the biggest restaurant in the UK and probably the busiest! It is an all-you-can-eat buffet for a fixed price and was like no place I’d ever been to before… 

The atmosphere is incredible; it has big blinking lights, great views and big pictures and posters plastered all over the walls. It was also very clean when we went. The only downside is that it is extraordinarily hot – a bit like being in an oven!

With Dad In Za Za Bazaar

Although we don’t eat meat and Robert can’t have dairy, there was something for all of us. All the food was yummy and every chef was kind and friendly. The room consists of lots of stations, full of different types of food. There was sushi, pizza, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Tex-Mex etc and everything I tried I liked. There was also a whole station full of desserts, fruit and sweets. The best bit was a soft scoop ice-cream machine and the juicy watermelon.

My favourite thing about Za Za Bazaar were the yellow parts of the stations where chefs could make your meal for you! I had a brilliant vegetable and cheese fajita as well as some superb noodles where I picked the type of noodles, toppings and how spicy it was – yum!

Overall, Central Bristol is a great place to eat with kids. Make sure you take them to these three places! 

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