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Sarah, Jess and Rob outside Buckingham Palace

We love writing this blog. It’s so lovely to do something together, as a family. In fact, when we started it, my daughter and I didn’t realise how much fun it would be to share what we do with other people, or how keen Robert (who’s 8) would be to get involved.

The children write what they really think on here and I don’t go through and edit it with a fine toothcomb – although I do correct spelling mistakes (once a journalist, always a journalist). I sometimes find that the children are harsher critics than me – or that they have picked out something which I would not have emphasised. That is part of the joy of doing this together.

It’s also lovely to recommend places for other people to visit, which is why we like writing about holidays abroad as well as days out at home. We like reading other travel blogs and family websites too, and are very happy that through Family Travel Times we have met (in person, I mean) such lovely people as Gretta over at MumsdotravelTrish at mumsgoneto , Kirsty at the Family Adventure Project and Mari at Mari’s World (as well, of course, as many, many more!) We’ve also made many virtual contacts (and we would love to turn those into real humans one day…).

We have had such a great time over the last year. America was outstanding, but we also loved our summer holiday to Bristol and searching for Gromits. Robert really enjoyed Dr Johnson’s House and I felt spoilt rotten to be lucky enough to take a trip to Jamaica with Jessica.

We write the blog because we enjoy it, and we are delighted that you are reading it too. We are also extremely happy that some kind souls have nominated us for the MAD blog awards – the awards for mum and dad bloggers (and family ones too!)

So, we hope to carry on writing and hopefully entertaining you with our adventures. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Mari's World

    Thank you for the mention and I hope we get to meet more often, Jamaica sounds a dream come true!

    I love your blog and I love reading Jessica’s and Robert’s posts as they do see places with a different eye to parents, it’s really very helpful when organising our family days out – keep up the good work guys 😉

    • Sarah Ebner

      We will try – and thank you! (and yes, we still dream of Jamaica, but Robert has told us to stop talking about it so much!)

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