What We Like To Do On A Hot Sunny Day – Video Post

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Our favourite way to spend a sunny day OUTDOORS is: well, there are just too many to choose from! But this is the kind of thing we would like to do if we were allowed to (oh, and if we lived near the sea!)

Rob: My favourite way would be meeting my friends. First, we would go and get ice-lollies and then, using our scooters and bikes, we would ride to the park and play basketball and tennis. After that, we would find a pier, although there aren’t many near us! My friends and I would play on the beach for a bit then we would go to the pier and buy things from the shops. And then we would go to the ARCADE! All of us would go right at the front of the scariest rides like the ghost train, roller-coasters and ones that go upside down. Knowing us, we might even spend about £20 doing the games…

At the end of our day, we would have a sleepover back at my house. We would sleep in a tent outside, eat lots of sweets at midnight, watch a long scary movie and not go to sleep until the next day at school! That sounds perfect.

We love to take walks outside

Jess:  I would definitely spend the day with my friends too. After begging mum and dad for some cash, all six of us would go to the park and film a mad, random video in the sun. After this, we would take the bus to to the shops, walk down to the 99p store and buy LOADS of sweets, before going up the hill to the ice-cream shop. 

Because my friends are slightly crazy, we would probably end up having a water-fight in my garden before going back to our homes.

To be honest, there are soooo many different things we love to do on a sunny day that we cannot list all of them here. Please watch the video for more examples. We hope you enjoy them!

This blog post is our entry for the Mad kid blogger of the year award. We hope you like it!

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