Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland (by Robert)

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This is baby Bruce, a white rhino calf, we saw at Blair Drummond safari Park
This is baby Bruce, a white rhino calf

In half term Jess, Dad and I went to Scotland to see my grandma. One day we all went to Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling, which was really good fun.

The first thing we saw we we got there was the rhinos, including one which was only 3 weeks old. Bruce is a white rhino and was born on October 12th. He weighed eight stone at birth, so he was already much bigger than me. His mum is called Dot and when started walking around, Bruce followed right behind her. It was so cute.

One of the clever things about the park was the giraffe viewing platform. Usually at places you have to strain your head upwards to look at the giraffes but at this safari park you are the same level as the animals which made it even cooler.

A giraffe seen at Blair Drummond safari Park.There were lots of animals at the park and lots of things to do as well. There were puzzles to complete and machines to use. My favourites were the diggers, where you had to work out how to control picking up the sand and dropping it somewhere else. I also liked the rhino and elephant puzzles. You were given lots of different pieces which together made an animal. Me and Jess raced each other. I won. There were lots of competitions to enter too, and I enjoyed the drawing contest the most.

Another thing I liked about the safari was the funfair. It had lots of rides and games but I must say that the roller coaster, which was so slow, and the arcade were quite disappointing. In the arcade there were those games where you put a coin in and lots of coins fall out the bottom. I put a 10p in and saw a pound’s worth of coins fall through the gap, yet none actually came out for me to collect. My favourite ride was the slide it was so fast and so high up.

the great sea lion show at Blair Drummond safari Park, ScotlandBut my favourite bit of the whole day was the sea lion show. The man would mention things that sea lions could do and at that exact moment a sea lion would demonstrate what the man was talking about. Whenever you clapped, the sea lions would clap as well – it was really funny.

The best trick was when one of the animals went into a pool, picked a basketball up on its nose, swam to the side of the pool, got out and jumped onto a stool. The ball stayed on its nose the whole time. Another of the tricks I liked was when the man said “sea lions have lots of predators. One of our sea lions will act one out.” Then the sea lion jumped into the pool put his arm out and swam around. It looked exactly like a shark.

One of the highlights of the day was the chimpanzee island. We went round the island on a boat and learnt lots of very interesting things that I never knew before. When Jess and I were on the pedal boats we could see people zip over us on the Flying Fox zip wire (we also had a go, and it was great).

Enjoying pedal boats at Drummond safari Park, ScotlandIt was a wonderful and educational day and you should definitely visit. But remember to bring a scarf and gloves!

The Safari Park is now closed for the winter and opens again in March. Tickets cost £12.60 for adults and £9.60 for children (aged 3-14). Under 3s are free.

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  1. Coombemill

    What an amazing looking safari park with so much going on. I love the look of the giraffes from up at their level and a fun fair too, that is so much fun all in one place though the rides sound a little disappointing. I’d love to have a zip wire like that across the valley here at Coombe Mill. Thank you for sharing your day on Country Kids.

  2. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    This looks like such a brilliant safari park! I love the photo of the baby rhino and of the sealion show. It looks like you had a great day, even though you didn’t win anything in the arcade. Those penny machines are never any good! #countrykids

  3. Mari

    What a cute rhino calf? I am in love with him.
    When we visited a zoo in France once, there was also a giraffe viewing platform and I saw a giraffe stick its tongue in a man’s mouth. It was really gross and I felt quite sorry for the poor Frenchman who didn’t see it coming but it did make us giggle a bit too – privately 🙂
    Strangely its tongue was black.

  4. Carly Markham

    Aww I haven’t been to a safari park in years! This has made me want to take my kids! Will have to put it on our to do list for next summer. Looks like you had a fab time

    • Sarah Ebner

      Yes, I think it was terrific fun, with lots to do and it doesn’t break the bank (living in Scotland would be better for the bank balance I think!)


    This sounds very reasonably for so many attractions. It’s funny how baby rhinos can be cute – I saw two playing together by a watering hole in Africa and they reminded me of kittens!

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