Parks in Paris with kids (by Robert)

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At the Jardin D'Acclimation
The rides were great fun at the Jardin D’Acclimation

When you are on holiday as a family, it’s always worth doing some research and finding local parks. Sometimes the kids just need to let off steam and it’s a great way for them to do so. We were particularly lucky in Paris, because we found a few excellent places to visit. Here’s Robert to tell you more…

In Paris my family and I went to two great parks. I liked one more than the other and this is why…

Jardin D’Acclimation

This park was amazing, right from the start, when we went on a little train to get there.

jardin d'acclimatationWe came to the park. thinking it would be swings, slides and seesaws but we were wrong. The amazing place had everything, including a little farm/zoo. We saw goats, sheep and lots more.

There was also a mini fairground, full of carousels and carnival games from throwing to rolling. My favourite bit of the fairground was the rides, especially the ones which went up, down, back and forwards. I especially liked the Alice in Wonderland ride because it was fast and went in different directions – you even went down a drop backwards.

In the park there were also forest adventures, climbing, trampolining and much more.

Jardin du Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Gardens

This is the second largest public park in Paris. It was very beautiful and had shows and pony rides. There were also these cool swings where you could go really high, and which you would not find in most other places. The only problem was that you had to pay for everything including the basic slides and swings. You had to pay for the Jardin d’Acclimation too, but you would expect to pay for fairground rides. Although this park was nice, it was wasn’t as much fun.

On the swings at the Jardin Du Luxumbourg

We also walked through the Tuileries and I enjoyed that, particularly because there were sculptures in the park and you could actually go inside some of them.

At the Tuillieries

There was a small park near Victor Hugo’s house in the Place des Vosges and it was fun too, with equipment to climb on. But it wasn’t the kind of place you could spend a lot of time at.

The small park on the Place des Voges
The small park on the Place des Voges

All the parks in Paris were fun but half of them were just like the ones you could find anywhere else. If you go to Paris with kids I would recommend going to the Jardin d’Acclimatation and for the grown ups I would recommend the Tuileries.

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    I love the parks in Paris. My daughter in particular liked the Tuileries — there are trampolines there near the Place de la Concorde entrance. You have to pay but my daughter loved jumping frantically for her stint, then going for an Orangina at the in-park cafe nearby.

    Another great place to go is the square next to the Centre Pompidou. They have the fountains with all the crazy features (lips, whirling sculptures). My friend and I sat and had a glass of wine while our girls rode their scooters round and round the fountain, stopping back at our table occasionally to take a sip of their drinks.

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