Going Glamping at the Dandelion Hideaway in Leicestershire

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We have been lucky enough to have so many special experiences, but one which we hadn’t done together is camping. However, when we were offered the chance to try glamping at the Dandelion Hideaway in Leicestershire, it really appealed. After all, who could turn down a luxury type of camping, with little canvas houses instead of tents and running water and your own bathroom?


I’m glad we tried it and would absolutely recommend it for families. It was amazing to feel so far removed from the city, I loved seeing rabbits running around and eating freshly picked eggs (so much nicer than normal) and it really made me think about history – especially how people lived without electricity and how night was really so different from day back then. I really felt as if we got away from it all (despite knowing that sounds clichéd) and was delighted that we all had a great time. Each cottage is really beautifully done, with so much space around it, and with a gorgeous veranda to sit outside on and rest. And I even saw a badger’s set!

Watch Robert’s video, above, for more!

Now, over to the kids:

Robert aged 11 says: When we arrived at the farm, we were met by Farmer John who talked to us briefly about the farm then drove us to our tent on a tractor (this was such fun, especially when we bumped down a hill!). When we got there he showed us our rooms and how to use the facilities (including lighting a fire, which we have never done before) before leaving us to settle in.

Lighting lamps to see at night!
We had to light lamps to see at night!

There were two bedrooms in the tent. Mum and Dad’s one had a double bed whilst ours had two singles. They both connected to the bathroom which had a toilet plus a bath and shower (with hot water). There was also a smaller room which was taken up entirely by a bed. It had two sets of little doors on either side, one that led to the dining area and the other brought you into our parents’ room. Jess and I both slept there at night as it was like a secret room!

The living room and kitchen were merged into one with a big black fire in the middle. Every half an hour we had to add more wood to the flames to keep our tent warm. There was no electricity so our heat and light came from oil lamps and candles. It did get very dark later on and it was strange not to be able to turn on a light.

The Dandelion Hideaway had provided us with all the cutlery and utensils you could need for cooking plus they gave us a complimentary cake and I always say that a complimentary cake equals a great glamping experience. Next to the table was a selection of chairs and sofas where you could sit down near the fire and read a book. At the front of the house there was also an outside porch with a table and chairs.

I am terrible with the cold so I was freezing when trying to get to sleep although I was wearing the warmest pyjamas I had, a vest and a dressing gown. In the morning we fried some eggs in a saucepan which we placed over the fire before getting dressed and meeting Farmer John near the entrance.

A goat as seen at the Dandelion Hideaway in LeicestershireHe then took us on a tour of the farm. Farmer John showed us the massive heaps of food that he kept to feed to the animals and explained to us how he ran the farm before taking us to see some cute baby goats which we were allowed to stroke. We were then taken to where the older of the animals were kept and I was amazed by how many there were. The farm was taking care of over a thousand of the creatures.

Grooming a shetland pony
Grooming a shetland pony

After the tour we groomed some ponies. We were each allowed to pick one before getting to brush and comb its hair. I was paired up with a pony called Bluebell and I when I was done grooming her she looked like a cross between Justin Bieber and Donald “Because I don’t want to, Greta” Trump! We then got to lead our pony onto a field and feed some of the bigger animals.

At the farm there is a games room where you can play table-tennis and table football plus loads of space to run around. At any time you are allowed to walk into the chicken pen and take some eggs. After the initial feeling that the chickens were going to kill me (well, I am from London) I learnt that they were totally safe and enjoyed my fried eggs for breakfast.

Freshly picked eggs
Freshly picked eggs

Later that day we were shown some of the goats getting milked and I even had a go at using the suckers to extract some liquid. The farmer then took us to a small room where were tried some fresh goat milk, it was delicious. The farm sends off all their milk to a company which sells goat’s cheese and goats’ milk – they are one of the business’s nine providers.

Goats being milked
Goats being milked

The shop near the entrance is very well done. There is no shop keeper so it is done all on honesty. You take what you want then write down what you “bought” before paying independently at the end of your stay. There is also a space to charge your mobile devices.

In the honesty shop at the Dandelion Hideaway
In the honesty shop

Overall I loved the experience, but I am not sure if I would go back due to the lack of electricity and warmth.It was great to be so close to nature instead of the busy crowds of London, everyone was very friendly and of course they gave complimentary cake.

Jess aged 14 says: I had a great time at the Dandelion Hideaway. With lots of exams coming up, this gave me the opportunity to disconnect, breathe fresh air, read a book (which I probably should do more often), and run around the field with my diablo.

Jess playing diablo as the sun sets
Jess playing diablo as the sun sets – see how much space there was to play!

I quite liked having no electricity, although it was annoying at night as you couldn’t see where you were going! Luckily we had torches with us to solve this problem, but it still felt strange. I really loved reading by the fire and eating toasted marshmallows and pizza, as well as delicious fruit from the local village.

The farm was amazing, and I loved our tour. Farmer John talked a lot about how politics affects farming, which was extremely interesting and also very funny at parts. I learnt a lot about how farms work, and also had a really good time grooming ponies and leading them into a field.

The secret room!
The secret room!

Coupled with our visit to the local town of Market Bosworth, our weekend away truly was a great one. Despite my impending exams I was surprisingly relaxed, and I loved seeing the animals. I would definitely return.

Jess grooming a Shetland pony
Jess grooming a Shetland pony

The Dandelion Hideaway, which has five secluded canvas cottages, costs from £500 for a 4 night break (Mon-Friday), from £575 for a 3 night weekend break (Fri-Mon) and from £725 for a week. All prices are per canvas cottage so for up to six people sharing including all wood for camp fire and stove. Farm activities and Woodland Explorers Club (which includes hands on activities for kids) are complimentary.

There is also one very romantic, secluded canvas cottage just for two, which comes with its own tree house and wood burning hot tub. Contact 01455 292888 or the website.

We were very lucky to be offered our stay on a complimentary basis. However, the Dandelion had no input into this piece and all our views and opinions are our own.

The Dandelion is situated very near Bosworth – site of the famous battle, where Richard III died. Read our post about our visit there.

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  1. Christine

    That’s definitely glamping in style! I think you should try out the basic camping next time 🙂 Looks like you had lots of fun on the farm – the honesty shop is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

  2. Cathy ( MummyTravels )

    This is definitely my kind of camping – and I agree with Robert that a complimentary cake is always a good start! I think my daughter would love this too, although perhaps in the summer…

  3. Maggie

    It seems like you had a great trip….Hope you enjoyed your camp at Leicestershire. Wish I’d visit this place…

  4. Nell@PigeonPairandMe.com

    What a fantastic post! We love glamping and have been a few times as a family. Robert you’re right, it can get cold – still, at least there’s a fire for the daytime and evening, which you don’t get in a regular tent. The Dandelion Hideaway sounds delightful.

  5. Nichola - Globalmouse

    It sounds like the perfect place to go to disconnect from exam stress and that photo of your daughter and the diablo is beautiful – it should be in a frame!! What a lovely looking place and definitely my kind of camping!!

  6. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    This looks absolutely brilliant – we would love it here. Monkey would adore the secret room and learning about the farm and I like the fact you can sleep in a bed even though you’re in a tent!

  7. Katja

    now this is my kind of camping! Clean sheets, proper beds, secret rooms…. I love it! My kids would have an absolute ball here. Great recommendation!

  8. kirstie

    Lovely pics. Complimentary cake = a great experience – this is a child I’d be happy to spend time with!

  9. Trish

    I’ve never done proper camping but had lots of mobile home camping style trips. I think this sounds a great experience and, if I tried many would take my merino wool skiing thermals!

  10. Zaria Papa

    Hi Jess,

    I would totally love to visit this farm! I also love the fact that it is perfect for family vacation since children are close to the nature, can take care of animals along with educational purposes. Just perfect! Amazing post and experience!


  11. Tamar

    Brilliant! Especially loved Robert’s commentating on the video. You’ve definitely got a career in TV open to you!!!! What a star x

  12. The Mummy Diary

    Wow what a beautiful place, we went glamping last month and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. We’d love to go back and this is so close to us we could do it for a weekend, and that goat milking what an amazing thing to be able to watch, my two would adore this as they both love anything to do with animals.

  13. Kara Guppy

    This looks like an amazing experience, I love holidays where the kids can get involved with looking after animals and learning as they do

  14. Sonia

    Oh it looks absolutely amazing… but I hate being cold so I’d have to go when it was really hot!

  15. Jen

    Looks like a great trip and glamping is something we haven’t done either. Although a farm isn’t for the husbeast as he grew up on one, so it would be a busman’s holiday for him!

  16. Sara-Jayne

    What an experience! This is exactly the type of holiday that my boys [and I] would love! All of those animals and fresh air!

  17. Karen Langridge

    Glamping is one thing we would love to do, we tried camping but would prefer more modern comforts and this combines everything you could possibly want x

  18. Fiona - Coombe Mill

    It sounds like a lovely experience for all the family. Such cute little shetland ponies and being without screen times is good for us all sometimes.

    Thank you for sharing on #CountryKids

  19. Tired Happy Mummy

    Oh wow, what an amazing look place and I love the fact the kids wrote the review it makes a refreshing perspective! It’s so lovely just getting away from it all isn’t it, especially on a farm. #CountryKids

  20. Karen

    I’ve never seen a glamping tent with rooms before! So luxury, even without lights! What a great opportunity to get away from the stresses of life. #countrykids

  21. Melody

    Wow! What an amazing experience to have. Having no electricity sounds exciting too.x

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