Playing football golf in Cornwall!

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football golf in CornwallRobert, aged 11, says:

I really like crazy golf and I love to play a quick game of footy too,  but I didn’t know what to think when I found out I was playing the two mixed together! However, Football Golf which we tried out on our holiday in Cornwall, was one of the most fun and quirky things I’ve done all year. Let me explain…

You start off by picking one or both or the courses to play on. Most of the holes in the Parkland course are very long (length wise) and don’t include many obstacles, whilst the Hillside course, which we did, has shorter holes but is full of bends, hazards and bunkers to make it more exciting.

Then every member of the group picks their own ball before listening to a quick explanation about football golf from a member of staff. Each one of the 18 holes has a board at the start which explains the criteria you have to follow to complete that hole. You put your ball on the green “mat” and try and kick it as close to the flag as possible.

Brian playing football golfYou’re meant to take turns, having one kick each but just do what’s easiest as it’s very annoying when you have your go and kick someone else’s ball out of a good position, so it might be better for them to take their next go first. Some of the holes have bunkers or big gaps in the ground so if you kick the ball too hard you’ll find yourself in a tricky situation (believe me, I know). One of the holes involved having to kick the ball through a raised square, this was extremely difficult and took us a long time. Another one involved kicking the ball into a net, I found this impossible – and I admit, that I did get a bit frustrated at certain times!

In the final hole for both courses you have to kick the ball into a goal, avoiding the defenders and keeper. As this hole didn’t involve any precision or golf skills I got it in first try, which made me very happy. Dad did too.

The football golf winners in Cornwall
The winners!

Finally we counted up the scores. In 4th place, losing by over 50 points was Jess, although I don’t think she was really trying near the end. In third place was mum, I came second but only beat her by one point. Dad came first and he was brilliant at it and he is also the best of us at golf, so I suppose that was no surprise.

All in all, I loved the “hole” thing (get it) and I would definitely recommend Football Golf although it can get very frustrating…

Football Golf costs £24 for an adult ticket, for two adults and two children. It is near St Austell in Cornwall and is open till 9pm each day.

Watch our video about our trip to Cornwall and read all about it here!



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  1. Keryn

    My husband and kids would LOVE to play some footie in Cornwall. I’ll have to show the boys your video when they get up tomorrow.

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